#02 – WeCare about Ana Maria Tzekov (Philharmonie Luxembourg)

Hello everyone and welcome to the second episode of « WeCare », Sacred Heart University Luxembourg’s podcast series. Here we will speak with Sacred Heart University Luxembourg Alumni & Students to learn about their unique stories and their experience in our program.

For 30 years, Sacred Heart University has worked to educate business professionals in Luxembourg through a thoughtfully designed curriculum taught by engaged and experienced faculty and practitioners.
We care deeply about providing valuable educational opportunities. We care about our students. We care about our graduates. And, we care about you!

Ana Maria Tzekov, 26 years old, is handling a position at the Philharmonie Luxembourg as Music Education Planning & Project Manager. She’s working on the creation of different experiences for young audience to listen to and interact with music. This opera singer has a bachelor in musicology and a master in art management both obtained in Vienna, Austria, her home town.

In this episode of the « WeCare » podcast series, she shares with us her background, what the Sacred Heart University Luxembourg Part-Time MBA brings to her, and her career expectations.

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