#03 – XLM&Co “Quelle envergure pour l’AppSec en cyber?”

With security breaches at an all-time high, the field of Cybersecurity has had to rethink its approach to application security. Where previously application security was more of an afterthought, today it is one of the first things developers have to consider when building new applications.

Last year’s Covid-19 pandemic will surely live on in the public’s memory for a long time. While it was practically impossible to miss, another, far less severe pandemic was also taking place in the background, the so-called “cyber pandemic”.

With the world having moved online, so did the number of hackers and online attacks. Indeed, in 2020, the number of compromised records increased by a record 141%. The rise in hacks, coupled with a global shortage of Cybersecurity workers has experts in the field scrambling for solutions.

While part of the solution will require more exposure, better education and the breaking down of stigmas, the easier part of it requires a change in approach to application security.

Security first

Whereas before applications were designed with security as an afterthought, today developers are taught to think about security first.

“Today we need a security by design that is implemented during the creation of the application and not after,” says Steve Melan, Team Manager of IT Innovation and Architecture at Spuerkees.

This new approach requires developers to adapt their skillset to an environment in which Cybersecurity is taking on more and more importance.

On the one hand this implies that Cybersecurity workers need continued training to keep up with the rapid changes in the industry. One the other hand, it requires developers to think about the code of their applications more holistically, or, to use the technical term, to implement security by design.

Cybersecurity in Luxembourg

Although Cybersecurity is a growing field in Luxembourg, Steve Melan thinks that sometimes Luxembourg is “too heavily regulated”. This makes it attractive for the consumer because it usually implies that his data is kept secure – or at least more secure than in many other countries.

However, too much regulation can also stifle innovation and progress. Finding a balance therefore will prove an important step for Luxembourg to take in order to ensure that it stays at the forefront of Cybersecurity.

Editor’s Note: The quotes have been translated from French to English. For the full conversation in French, check out the XLM&Co podcast series. Listen to the third episode with Dominique Righetto, application security expert at Excellium Services and Steve Melan, Team Manager of IT Innovation and Architecture at Spuerkeess Luxembourg.

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