10 South Korean Startups Not To Miss At ICT Spring 2022

Tech conference ICT Spring will be held this week. Among the participating companies, a strong South Korean delegation will especially make the trip to Luxembourg.

A unique opportunity to discover the innovations and ideas proposed and to meet these entrepreneurs who have an eye on Luxembourg for a possible European development of their activities.

The LUXKO business consulting which is the only official partner in Luxembourg with the ASEM SMEs Eco-Innovation Center (ASEIC) was established in 2011 to promote cooperation of green growth in Europe and Asia, with a particular emphasis on enhancing eco-innovation of small and medium sized enterprises in both regions.

Agreeing on the importance of SMEs as main engines of innovation and growth, Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) member countries joined together to establish ASEIC as an international platform for spreading eco-innovation principles and practices among SMEs and assisting them in harnessing the new business opportunities that arise out of such principles and practices. ASEIC selected 10 companies who wants to expand their wings to the European market via Luxembourg.

The following 4 companies will do a pitch during the ICT Spring conference: Marine Innovation, Harven, GINT and XMW.

10 selected South Korean startups for ICT Spring booth

LMS Solution, Edutech, English learning language application

We provide LMS Solution, Edutech, English learning language application. The advantages are Fun Conversations with Movie Stars, Role-play Your Favorite Movies or Animations. Our main products are AI video conversation, AI Emotion and Sentiment recognition, Eye-tracking for AI dictionary.

Website: langs.fun
No of Employees: 9


Video Streaming, Core Tiles, VR Streaming

Coredinate is a technology-based company. Coredinate has 360° VR Video Streaming data optimizing solution, and it optimizes 360° streaming up to 80%. This technology-based company has many competitive advantages, e.g., patent-pending efficient 360° streaming technology, which provides seamless integration and is customizable.

Website: corest.net
No of Employees: 3

Data Design Engineering

Custom IoT Services, AI, IoT Projects, NLP

Using the advanced deep learning technologies, the company has participated in multiple I.O.T projects, including MANDO’s multi-class defect inspection system, AI prediction platform for damping force and valve combination (MAI-T), and PID tuning system for auto-parking. They are working on Custom I.O.T services, Natural Language Processing & Super Search Engine, AI Image recognition & Tracking service.

Website: datadesign.engineering
No of Employees: 25


Intelligence Agriculture Platform, Intelligence Construction Machinery Platform, Intelligence

Mobility Platform GINT focuses on increasing the efficiency and creating added value of traditional transportation and production equipment, including tractors, agricultural machinery, construction equipment, and even automobiles. Their products are GINT control, GINT connect, GINT cloud, PLUVA auto etc. They are using construction & agricultural vehicles and mobility technology.

Website: gintlab.com
No of Employees: 46


Wireless Technology, Cold Chain Logistics, IoT Sensing & Server Control technology

Harven is a leading Cold Chain Logistics Innovation with non-battery powered sensor tags. The company is a quickly growing wireless technology and product company focusing on wireless power, wireless communications (Bluetooth, NFC, UHF RFID, etc.) and wireless LED lighting. The main three products of this company are Passive Sensor Tag, NFC Reader Logger, Wireless LED Tag.

Website: harven.co.kr
No of Employees: 10

Marine Innovation

Eco-Friendly Material, Agar Extract, Dalharoo, Janoodam

The organization focused on material development that includes bio-plastic development, non-wood pulp materials development and eco-friendly coating solution development. Their main products are Dalharoo and Janoodam.

Website: marineinv.com
No of Employees: 15

The One’s Fitness

Sports, Gyms, Fitness Industry

We create various content about exercise and healthcare for worldwide and the member company of Korean Edu-Tech Industry association. Our product is available in English, Japanese, German version, and it will be translated in over 15 languages before 2023 including Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, French etc. Our company got a patent due to body benefit and inventive effectiveness from the Korean government.

Website:  ones.tradekorea.com
No of Employees: 3


Blower & Compressor Technology, Air Solution Provider, Patented Core Technology

Turbowin has become the world’s first to commercialize NASA’s aerospace technology, launching turbo blower and turbo compressor. The products of the company are Smart turbo blower, Smart turbo compressor, Turbo blower, Turbo Compressor, Micro Turbo Blower, Micro turbo compressor. They are focusing on Centrifugal Technology, Air foil bearing, PM motor, Dual cooling system.

Website: turbowin.com
No of Employees: 56


Aerospace, SATCOM, Radar, 5G Network,

WSN Aerospace is the XMW’s ultimate destination as shown in its corporate slogan “Connecting the Earth to Space”. Based on their core technologies in SATCOM & Microwave, they’ve been expanding our business or Terrestrial and Aerospace industries in a synergetic way together with on-going SATCOM business.

Website: xmwinc.com
No of Employees: 18


Digital Platform, Digital Content, Nori Cube, Nori Kids Café

XrisP is at the forefront of the future of entertainment. Their core business relies on One Source Multi-Use Cross Platforms by merging digital content, tangible product & digital platform to unlock new prospects in terms of offering & experience for kids & family. NORI CUBE is a next-generation new concept real-world experience center, including touch games, VR videos.

Website: xrisp.com
No of Employees: 23

Editor’s note: This article is brought to you by LUXKO and only reflects the opinion of the author.

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