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10 Startups Shaping The Future of Smart Cities

Smart photonic measurement, data collection, shared fleet management, intelligent parketing, virtual guardian angel, building information modeling, light fidely technology, etc. 10 startups shaping the cities of tomorrow participated in an innovating dating conference organized by the Luxembourg Open Innovation Club (LOIC) and pitched their solutions on stage.

Germany – 5micron is developing smart photonic measurement and communication solutions. The fields of application are: highly precise surface measurement for hard to reach and harsh environment areas, geometrical measurements of very large and far away objects as aircraft wings during flight, and identification and communication via light between objects with highly accurate positioning independently from GPS or radio.

Find out more: www.5micron.de


Luxembourg – BIM-Y is an innovative solution for existing buildings to follow the Building Information Modeling technology stey-by-step, without big investment to increase Building’s value, improve its management and boost savings. BIM-Y merges 3 technologies: digital-twin, artificial intelligence and collective intelligence.

Find out more: www.bim-y.com


Luxembourg – CityLity is an app to connect cities, buildings, and workplaces, to optimize the buildings maintenance, facilitate the dissemination of information, generate an involve community and improve the life quality.

Find out more: www.citylity.com


France – Cityrama is a city app which collects in real time the data of the territory. It covers numerous essential domains: weather, pollution, counting vehicle, road monitoring, car park survey. Cityrama has been developed two years ago in partnership with cities to answer the concrete uses of Smart Cities and its future stakes: autonomous vehicle, smart building, big data.

Find out more: cityramawp.azurewebsites.net


Ireland – EnergyElephant helps people make better decisions using their data. Through robotic process automation, EnergyElephant turns energy bills and data sets into deep insights and simple to understand interfaces. Its mission is to automate analysis of the world’s sustainability data across buildings, vehicles, travel and assets.

Find out more: energyelephant.com


Luxembourg – Moovee is the first cross vehicle service following pro and private use. Its solution offers a complete range of services ranging from the supply of vehicles (cars, bicycles, scooters) to daily maintenance through the implementation of infrastructure and fleet management applications.

Find out more: moovee.lu


Luxembourg – MyMedBot is a mobile application and virtual guardian angel. MyMedBot helps those who live with a life-threatening chronic condition during situations when they start to feel unwell and require assistance. MyMedBot is making Luxembourg the first smart country tailored to the security of those living with life-threatening chronic conditions.

Find out more: www.mymedbot.lu


Switzerland – Parquery is a technology startup and has developed innovative AI and deep learning algorithms to detect objects in images from any camera: smart mobility B2B and SaaS company, provides real-time results on object detection to smart city stakeholders without any additional infrastructure, and expertise in computer vision to optimize space management: smart parking, vehicle detection, boat parking, warehouse stock optimization.

Find out more: parquery.com


Germany – SIUT invented and patented an innovative composite material. This material is marked by a specific integration of light conductive fiber optics into prefabricated concrete elements. Having concrete as a basis, those tiles are safe against vandalism and climate influences such as heat, humidity and frost. SIUT smart concrete can also measure and process traffic with sensors.

Find out more: siut.eu


Luxembourg – Imagine a world where the light LED can connect us to high-speed wireless internet and broadcast with a simple flick of a switch. Li-Fi our Light Fidelity is a concept of Visual Light communication system, a wireless communication. It uses light instead of radio waves to transmit information which makes the technology fully sustainable and green. Founded in 2016, ZERO1 is one of the most advanced Li-Fi technology developers worldwide.

Find out more: www.zero1.zone

(Photo by Hugh Han on Unsplash)

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