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10 Startups To Look Out For In Belgrade

Serbia, a hub for IT outsourcing, is putting itself on the map when it comes to innovation. With famous innovators throughout history, the Serbian tech community is drawing attention to its startups. Here are 10 startups from Serbia you should know about.
(By: Valdimir Jelic, Serbian.tech / Photo: Nova Iskra, a pioneering co-working space that brings creativity, technology and people to Belgrade © Nova Iskra)

Buildcon is an application for construction project management. It’s revolutionizing the job for engineers and project managers by making data, communication and collaboration instant and available in the cloud. The app allows you to track workflow on a construction site with a phone, creating tasks with photos, estimating costs, projecting revenue, and receiving notifications for every important activity so users can react fast. Managing teams can make important financial decisions on a company level, and fast.

Find out more buildcon.org

City Expert is an online real estate agency combining creative marketing solutions, state-of-the-art design, and practical experience in the real estate market to help individuals buy, sell, rent or lease their property. Platform listings filled with property HD photos, 360-degree view, a video, and an interactive floor plan give users acces to virtual property viewings and enable them to see how each room looks before actually renting or buying the property.

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Clockify is a time tracker and employee timesheet software for teams of all sizes. Clockify’s innovative business model enables 100% free team time tracking, making them the ony platform in this field worldwide. Some of the biggest players are already using it to keep track of employee timesheets, billable hours, project progress, reports, schedules and much more.

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When your team is not playing well, well, it’s a drag. CouchCoach helps sports fans be a part of the game, contribute to their team’s success, have fun and earn prizes. CouchCoach is a second screen application for basketball fans, where they can coach from the couch, propose players, and win or lose points based on real-time decisions.

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Forget Trello, Infinity is here! Infinity is a project management software with a flexible structure that hosts multiple plugins to help you organize tasks, files, data, and notes. It has a built-in chat feature for better team collaboration. Here, your project organization is synced into one place.

Find out more startinfinity.com

mBrainTrain was founded with the mission of developing a fully mobile, wearable device for recording and analyzing electrical brain activity. This ends the era in which brain recordings are only found in a highly controlled laboratory environment. No need for bulky lab equipment anymore. Brain recording in an unrestricted environment is now possible.

Find out more mbraintrain.com

Sportifico is a social network for aspiring athletes. It is creating an environment where athletes, coaches, and sports professionals can freely associate, communicate, present their abilities, and identify opportunities. And by nurturing a distraction-free environment, users can forge better connections and mutually benefit.

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Trusteed is a young martech startup focused on deep analytics for Instagram. Utilizing the power of data science and machine learning, the platform extracts actionable insights for marketing managers and social media micro-influencers.

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UrbiGo reconnects urban people with nature through their food technology. GreenCube from UrbiGo is an indoor smart gardening gadget for growing herbs and mini-veggies. GreenCube notifies you when it needs more water or light, or even when there’s a change of temperature. Indoor gardening should be easy and fun! Why not have your own source of fresh ingredients all day, every day?

Find out more urbigo.me

Vacation Tracker is a simple tool to keep track of your team members when they’re on vacation or away from the office. The employee attendance tracking system is built directly in Slack, so it’s a snap to set up and configure, and your team can request vacations directly in Slack without having to remember another login or website.

Find out more vacationtracker.io

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