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10 Startups To Watch In Berlin

The Berlin-based startup scene is one of the fastest growing ecosystems in the world. People from all over the world come to the German capital to turn their visions into reality, build new companies and create innovative products. The lively founder’s scene is greatly responsible for the city’s creativity, innovation, economic development as well as international attraction. It’s an important job creator and also one of the reasons for established corporates to invest in the German capital. (Author: the Hundert)


The online bootcamp for digital leaders and tech talent. If you want a formal, structured training to modernize your know-how or build a new career, CareerFoundry is your destination. – See more at careerfoundry.com


A digital convenience app for hotel guests & travelers. The app helps hotels offer memorable service experiences for the digital traveler. conichi senses when a guest enters the hotel and instantaneously delivers all relevant information to the concierge. – See more at conichi.com


The next generation of flight management. eWings provides easy and fast flight booking and managing for companies, ensuring to have the best price. – See more at ewings.com


With inspiring videos, step-by-step photo instructions and practical How To’s Kitchen Stories brings delicious food back to home kitchens around the world. Users may join the Kitchen Stories Family to add their own creations, collect their favorite recipes and share them with others. – See more at kitchenstories.io


koawach offers six flavors of energy cacao powder, a 100% natural fair trade innovation. Koakult, the owner of koawach, was founded 2014. Today, available online and in more than 200 stores & cafés in Germany. – See more at koawach.de


Jobspotting is a data-driven job discovery engine that recommends the most relevant jobs and companies. Their vision is to organize the recruitment market so that finding a job may become an exciting experience. – See more at jobspotting.com


A big data analytics solution for stationary retail. By integrating and analyzing data from a network of technology sources, Minodes provides retailers insights into the offline customer journey. Minodes is among the first to generate linkages between online and offline customer journeys. – See more at minodes.com


Number26 revolutionizes the banking system. They make it faster, intuitive, and smarter. It is geared towards digital natives and their home turf – the smartphone – and it makes banking a fun activity. Money is easily sent to friends by e-mail or text message. – See more at n26.com


Service Partner One is on a mission to make offices more enjoyable by offering the first digital solution to manage all office related services: cleanings, ordering of supplies, fresh fruits, beverages or handymen services. – See more at servicepartner.one


The world’s first app against global hunger. Each donation of 40 cents makes it possible to feed one child for one full day. Founded as a startup, ShareTheMeal is now an innovation project within the UN World Food Programme. The founders believe that people are willing to help if there is a simple way of doing so. – See more at sharethemeal.org

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