15 Startups Graduate From Fit 4 Start

Fit 4 Start 2024 Graduates. (© Silicon Luxembourg)

At Nexus2050, the 15 startups that graduated from the 14th edition of the Fit 4 Start accelerator were announced.

The 14th edition began with a tough selection process in the autumn of 2022. Out of the 365 applications from 58 countries, 20 promising startups were chosen to participate in the program. These startups were categorized into three sectors: Health Technologies, Space, and Digital. 

“The graduation from Fit 4 Start represents an achievement for these ventures, offering them increased visibility and connections with potential private investors.”

Sasha Baillie, CEO of Luxinnovation. 

Over six months, the 15 graduating startups from this edition received tailored support and each was awarded €50,000 from the ministry of the economy, contingent on incorporating in Luxembourg. Further, those able to secure additional funding and employ at least two staff members could qualify for up to €100,000 in state aid.

“We are excited to see how these companies will develop in the coming years and contribute significantly to the future growth of the Luxembourg startup community and beyond, to our economy and our country,” said Sasha Baillie, CEO of Luxinnovation. 

Healthtech Ventures

Invitrolize (Luxembourg) commercializes ALIsens®, developed by LIST, the only available test to identify respiratory sensitisers. Currently, the industry has no way to predict early in product development the hazard that a new inhalable material may induce respiratory sensitization.

PsyTech VR (USA) is a scenario-based micro-training VR system for mental health and wellness. It addresses the lack of effective mental health care by offering a virtual reality therapy system that provides personalized immersive experiences to help users overcome negative emotions, including fears, phobias, and anxieties.

The Sonia (Germany) B2B SaaS solution automates medical documentation and coding for dentists, enabling them to free up to 25% of their time for additional treatments and reducing process costs by up to 50%.

Space Ventures

BeyondEX (Poland) turns Space data into natural language conversations. Its AI-driven platform lets businesses make data-backed decisions with simple queries, transforming satellite insights into actionable intelligence.

Symbiose Management (France) is a fintech with a positive impact on the environment. They help asset managers invest in nature and fight climate change by creating a symbiosis between nature and finance, using space technology to support sustainable finance.

Thermalytica (Japan) TIISA® technology transforms insulation with an advanced superinsulation material, adapting for space and terrestrial applications, delivering unparalleled insulation performance and dynamic control over heat transfer for cutting-edge and sustainable space applications.

Uplift360 (Luxembourg) has developed a chemical recycling solution designed to dissolve advanced materials commonly used in space applications, allowing for the creation of new materials.

Digital Ventures

Äerd Lab (Luxembourg) 3D prints sustainable, clay-based, self-drying bricks and accommodations, which are made for purpose and adapted to the needs of the occupant, using robotic arms, drones, and locally sourced materials, even in remote and hard-to-reach locations.

Athena Studio (Luxembourg) is the first solution to integrate product impact optimization early in fashion product development. Its platform offers an effective tool to embed financial and sustainability goals directly into product teams’ day-to-day operations.

ClimateCamp (Belgium) is a collaborative sustainability platform for the Food & Beverage industry that simplifies Scope 3 emissions management through supplier engagement on emissions data, targets, and action plans.

Kapital (Luxembourg) provides tools for capital allocators to positively shape the world, making it easy to raise and deploy capital at 10x reduced cost and half the time.

MON5 (Italy) protects industrial machinery and factories from hacker attacks, which aim to stop logistics, production processes, and strategic infrastructures such as power plants and satellite communications.

reLi Energy (Germany) develops innovative software solutions for optimizing energy storage systems, extending battery life by up to 35% and increasing profits by up to 70% by optimizing battery operations.

Safe AI (Korea) aims to pioneer the development of AI for enhancing safety, ensuring secure and protected lives by establishing AI standards that safeguard both people and the environment.

Trace Crystal (Luxembourg) removes the losses of high-value goods producers due to customers buying counterfeits and untraceable returns. They add value by creating trust in authenticity, for which customers are willing to pay a premium.

The graduation ceremony also marked the launch of the call for applications for the 15th edition of Fit 4 Start. The application deadline of 12 August 2024 was announced, with 20 startups to be selected across the same three categories: digital, healthtech, and space. 

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