16 Startups Fly Out To CES 2019

Luxfactory and the Luxembourg Village has revealed the 16 startups selected to represent the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg during the CES 2019 in Las Vegas. The Consumer Electronics Show is the biggest tech and innovation event in the world, with over 170,000 visitors and media from all around the world present last year.
by: Marion Finzi
photo: CES
featured: CES 2018 entrance arch at the LVCC

For this new edition, the Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg acts as a partner. “We will have a 100 square meter stand, which is bigger than the one of Belgium or Japan! We want to have a big community represented during that event” said Luxfactory. The companies interested in supporting the startups on the Luxembourg stand shall reach out to Luxfactory.

We received over 100 applications, which show a real interest for this event. The sixteen startups all meet the criteria established by the CTA, in charge of the CES. A link with Luxembourg was one of the criteria” explained Elodie Trojanovski, CEO of Luxfactory.

Skeeled—having just announced a partnership with the ADEM in Luxembourg—is extremely grateful for this selection. “Currently expanding to France and the Netherlands, we are looking to develop internationally. We hope to meet with local actors in the US” said Brice Kempf, Head of Marketing at Skeeled. For CarVROOM, “CES is a real opportunity internationally, as well as a way to strengthen our network in Luxembourg. We hope to collaborate with different partners during this event so they can also benefit from this visibility”, said Marco Mignani, Founder and CEO.

For the startup Mu Design, the big announcement was no suspense. “Being the winner of the Best Pitch Award during the ICT Spring 2018, a CES entrance ticket as one of the Luxembourg startup was part of the winning package! As we designed consumer electronics products, this event is a real opportunity for us to show our products to an American audience. In addition to Ulo, we hope to be ready by January to present a new prototype to the CES public. In this new product, emotions and electronics shall also meet,” declared Vivien Muller, the founder.

Two startups, Motion-S and CoinPlus, already present last year, will once again have a chance to be in Las Vegas next January. “Last year experience was our first international exposure and this was the initial point to our entry in the German market. Our participation also gave our investors an international recognition” testified German Castignani, CTO and co-founder of Motion-S.

After last year edition and CES international exposure, Aiva Technologies completed a successful investment round. That all we wish for those 16 startups!

List of the selected startups

ATIS NETWORK – Atis Network is a professional network enabling independent workers and PME to find partners and clients.

ART.DESIGN.PAINTING – Art.Design.Painting creates digital paintings with Blockchain technology for better traceability.

BIM-YBim-Y enables existing buildings or buildings under construction to access BIM, step by step and without major investments.

CARVROOMCarVROOM is a free community loan, borrowing or vehicle use platform.

CLEAR IMAGE AIClear Image AI permits to evaluate the quality of pictures segmentation.

COINPLUSCoinPlus will present its Solo card that allows everyone to have a crypto account in the format of the secured credit card.

CROWDAACrowdaa is “a label in your pocket” for exchange between artists and their fans.

KOOSMIKKoosmik via mobile app, it gives free access to several financial services for individuals and professionals.

LUXAILuxAI is a startup specialized in disruptive robotic solutions for education, health-care and entertainment.

MOTION-SMotion-S permits profiling of drivers and risks prevention.

MU DESIGNMu Design develops connected products inspired from emotive tech.

MY SARDINES – My Sardines shall launch its cryptocurrency, the Sardine Coin.

SCRYBTOScrybto is a tech company specialized in the certification, the tracking and exchange platforms for digital products of high value.

SKEELEDSkeeled is an online recruitment software.

SYD.CLOUDSYD.cloud for the management of commercial transaction via a platform while protecting confidential data.

YATTA DEVELOPMENT – Yatta development SA has developed « Syment », a platform offering services (syndic) for habitants of residential houses (EcoQuartier).

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