20 PropTech Startups To Look Out For In Luxembourg

Wonderful view over the modern district of Kirchberg in Luxembourg

This shortlist focuses on innovative companies in the construction, real estate, housing and office sectors. The 20 here presented are innovating on Luxembourg territory and are actively participating in the digital revolution of the PropTech sector. They are worth taking a closer look at.

Alma Solar

Alma Solar is an online shop specialised in photovoltaic equipment. They deliver to the greater region and all of Europe. Since 2011 their aim is to democratise photovoltaic systems by offering a range of high-quality product and very low fees.

Decision-maker(s) → Erick Durand
Website → alma-solarshop.com

Arca Properties

Arca Properties provides property management while offering short-term rental solutions to the market. Owners benefit from a hands-off service and profit from guaranteed or short-term rental revenues. Apartments and houses are ideally designed, fully equipped and supported by a 24/7 concierge team.

Decision-maker(s) → Matheus Sequeiros, Giacomo Trenz
Website → arcaproperties.lu


Based in Luxembourg, Augment is a Lebanese startup founded in July 2019 by Rida Klink. The company, composed of 11 professionals, aims to change the way facilities are managed. At Augment, the mission is to bring Facility Management into the digital era through innovation and collaboration.

Decision-maker(s) → Rida Klink
Website → augment.lu


BIM-Y is a web platform for creating and managing digital twins of existing buildings by using 3D scanning and machine learning for automatic equipment inventory. BIM-Y simplifies the process of defining, collecting and using technical data to improve equipment maintenance and reduce its cost.

Decision-maker(s) → Jean-Yves Marié
Website → bim-y.com


BlocHome is a new way for anyone to access the real estate market. We enable people to buy slices of property in just a few clicks. Our vision is to create a worldwide real estate community in which members will be able to adjust their property ownership and usage according to their personal needs.

Decision-maker(s) → Raphaël Scheuren, Maroun Altekly, Romain Poulles, Leonel Marques, Jean-Paul Scheuren
Website → blochome.com


We design and manage urban experience buildings, focusing on people settling in a new place. Our solution: develop co-living spaces where sharing and “living together” is central and extend the experience by also offering work and catering spaces. From the transformation of single-family homes to large real estate programs, we offer maximum flexibility, comfort and services to our users and higher long terms revenues to the property owners.

Decision-maker(s) → Nicolas Legay & Aurélien Dobbels
Website → livecocoonut.com


Digibrixx are per-square-meter investments, for any investor, to benefit from Luxembourg real estate development programmes. Each digital brick is related to a local construction, co-financed by a Luxembourg bank and can be exchanged at any time. No more barriers to access and earn from tangible local real estate market.

Decision-maker(s) → Guillaume de Vergnies
Website → digibrixx.lu


E-gloo provides its clients with digital bricks for the simple and secure storage of technical documentation for buildings. Information is always available on site, in digital form and directly in each technical room. The building’s total cost of ownership is thus reduced long-term.

Decision-maker(s) → Bernard Blanchet
Website → e-gloo.biz


Foobot uses artificial intelligence and sensors to better assess a building’s HVAC systems, optimising the energy consumption and allowing for an improved air quality inside.

Decision-maker(s) → Jacques Touillon
Website → foobot.io


GAMMA AR is a construction technology that overlays 3D Building Information Models (BIM) on the jobsite using augmented reality on mobile devices to prevent errors, reduce rework, and shorten the time spent on documentation and follow up which allows savings of up to 10% of total construction costs.

Decision-maker(s) → Caner Dolas & Jayan Jevanesan
Website → gamma-ar.com

Gentleman Ramoneur

Gentleman Ramoneur is a chimney sweeping service in Luxembourg, offering an all-around service that’s 100% digital. And for each chimney sweep, they reforest 2m2 of Luxembourg forest in association with “Hellef fir d’Natur”.

Decision-maker(s) → Régis de Loizellerie
Website → gentleman-ramoneur.lu


Kamat is a Luxembourg-based startup specialized in the rental of construction equipment. The company launched the first instant rental platform for the construction sector. The all-in-one tool with complimentary functions, reinvents the rental process by allowing construction professionnals to access the offer in real time and reserve the desired products with a few simple clicks.

Decision-maker(s) → Simon Cabrejo
Website → kamat.co


kodehyve is a B2B collaboration software helping real estate developers, agencies, and funds to more efficiently plan, manage and analyse their construction and commercialisation projects by largely replacing heterogeneous tools, inefficient workflows and outdated user experiences.

Decision-maker(s) → Felix Hemmerling
Website → kodehyve.com


Mandexpa is a solution that meets the needs of all those wishing to carry out a property transaction. It is aimed at both individuals and real estate professionals. This win-win concept brings many advantages to each of them. Through innovative solutions that make it easier to put people in touch with each other, Mandexpa makes it possible to achieve faster sales. This pioneering solution offers new services, linking collaboration to transparency and putting the seller back at the heart of the sale process, without any additional costs.

Decision-maker(s) → Michel Cucchiara
Website → mandexpa.lu


Nexvia is a modern real estate agency supporting its customers, users and team through technologies to enable informed decision making. Its market-leading tools cover the fiscal and financial dimensions of a property investment, purchase, sale or rental, including Luxembourg’s first online valuation tool. Nexvia mostly addresses individuals in Luxembourg but also helps banks to monitor their mortgage risk in the context of internal, national and European regulations.

Decision-maker(s) → Pierre Clement
Website → nexvia.lu


A Swiss startup founded in 2015 with a subsidiary in Luxembourg, Nomoko is on a mission to make the physical world accessible as a digital ecosystem using Digital Twins. With the focus on real estate, Nomoko launches its Spatial services offering in Luxembourg, creating virtual copies of individual buildings, larger districts, or even whole municipalities. This helps customers to visualize their projects and to gain informed insights in order to make the right decision at any time.

Decision-maker(s) → Vincent Pedrini
Website → nomoko.world


RoomMate is a client-centric proptech with two scalable platforms. The app for tenants and the SAAS platform for real estate professionals, which helps clients digitise and automate the time-consuming processes in medium- to long-term rental management. “Choose your rules and manage your space”

Decision-maker(s): Mattia Raffaelli
Website: the-roommate.com

Steel Shed Solutions

Founded in 2001, the Luxembourg-based Steel Shed Solutions is a digital platform for the sale of steel kit buildings. Steel Shed Solutions sells functional, low-cost, easy-to-assemble buildings suitable for, among other things, storage, livestock sheds, industrial buildings and equestrian facilities.

Decision-maker(s) → Dominique Lyonnet & Vincent Lyonnet
Website → batimentsmoinschers.com, easysteelsheds.com, guenstigehallen.de


Vauban&Fort specialises in creating co-living spaces in Luxembourg. They build a thriving community through carefully selecting individual members and they offer landlords an all-around service, taking care of bills, waste management, neighbours, for instance.

Website →Decision-maker(s) → Jerome Ensch
Website → vaubanfort.lu

Virtual Rangers

Virtual Rangers is a Luxembourg-based company founded in 2017. The company is now a national leader in the design and development of Virtual and Augmented Reality applications. We work for companies in various fields (medical, industrial, construction or tourism) and count more than 100 references.

Decision-maker(s) → Matthieu Bracchetti
Website → virtual-rangers.com

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