20 SpaceTech Startups To Look Out For In Luxembourg

Satellite in orbit (Photo © NASA / Unsplash)

This supplement of Silicon Luxembourg magazine focuses on innovative companies in the space sector. The 20 companies presented within these pages are innovating on Luxembourg territory and are actively participating in the digital revolution of the space sector and the reindustrialisation of the country. They are worth taking a closer look at.


adwäisEO is a specialised in Earth Observation (EO) IT services. Thanks to cutting-edge expertise in EO data and ICT the company offers high performing and cost-effective solutions such as multi-Petabytes archives, intuitive geoportals and efficient processing solutions in cloud and/or HPC environment.

Decision-maker(s) → Pierre De Gobert
Website → adwaiseo.eu


AQTEEV is a recruitment consultancy firm specializing in Space Industry. On a micro-level, we help our clients to fuel their organisations with talented and passionate people. At the same time, looking at the bigger picture, we want to help Space Ecosystem in Luxembourg to keep growing at a rocket pace.

Decision-maker(s) → Mateusz Pondel
Website → aqteev.com

Blue Horizon

>BlueHorizon develops life science technologies. They grow micro-organisms that can adapt to many different environments. So that they can help fertilise arid or semi-arid ground on earth and on other planets.

Decision-maker(s) → Jochen Harms
Website → bluehorizon.space

Databourg Systems

Databourg Systems is a start-up company conceived from innovative technology developed at the UniLu for rain monitoring using satellite networks. Databourg’s mission is to provide the best rainfall intelligence to business and institutional users and to be recognized as “The Rain Company”.

Decision-maker(s) → Ahmad Gharanjik
Website → databourg.systems

Flawless Photonics

Flawless Photonics is pioneering the supply chain for next generation materials made in microgravity. Our technology, optimized for the rigors of space, allows the formation of special optical fibers, without gravity-driven defects that limit lasing power and transmission over long lengths.

Decision-maker(s) → CK Singla
Website → flawlessphotonics.com


Hydrosat is a data analytics company that is unlocking previously unseen truths about our planet. We are deploying a constellation of thermal sensors in space, so we can arm our in-house scientists with a critical (and missing) source of information. With thermal data, Hydrosat will improve food security, revolutionize agriculture, and conserve water. These applications are only the beginning, as our thermal data products will lead our customers to better decisions in all aspects of their business.

Decision-maker(s) → Pieter Fossel
Website → hydrosat.com


IBISA is an insurance technology company which aims to build, manage, and distribute agricultural insurances for entrepreneurs everywhere in an in a cost-efficient, scalable and innovative way.

Decision-maker(s) → Maria Mateo Ibora
Website → ibisa.network

ispace EUROPE

ispace is a lunar exploration company with 150+ staff across Japan, EU, and the US. With its first mission currently planned for 2022, ispace has raised approximately USD$200M to build commercial lunar landers and rovers aimed at offering high-frequency transport to the Moon.

Decision-maker(s) → Dr. Julien-Alexandre Lamamy
Website → ispace-inc.com

Kleos Space

Kleos detects and geolocates radio frequencies transmissions from space to improve the identification of hidden and illegal activity. They deploy constellations of four satellites collecting these signals over critical areas of interest.

Decision-maker(s) → Andy Bowyer
Website → kleos.space

Mission Space

Mission Space develops a satellite-based real-time nowcast system for one of the highest priority natural hazards – space weather. With sensors launched in LEO, Mission Space delivers a user-oriented decision support tool with forecasts and radiation alerts, solving the problem of data deficit and lack of warning tools to mitigate the effects of the sun’s activity.

Decision-maker(s) → Ksenia Moskalenko
Website → mission.space


All our products and services have applications in the near-Earth satellites market while paving the way for space resources missions thanks to our key-enabling affordable, yet performant solutions. In the short term, ODYSSEUS plans to target the mega constellations market with CYCLOPS, our end-to-end laser communication solution including: optical ground stations as well as satellite terminals for space-to-ground and inter-satellite communication links.

Decision-maker(s) → Jordan Vannitsen
Website → odysseus.space

Redwire Space Europe

Redwire Space Europe develops and produce affordable space-qualified robotic arms. By lowering barriers to sophisticated in-space robotics, Redwire is helping introduce the next generation of space industrialization and enabling in-orbit assembly, manufacturing, and satellite servicing operations.

Decision-maker(s) → Jaroslaw Jaworski
Website → redwirespace.com


“RespectUs offers a SaaS digital platform to space companies and exporters of sensitive goods, their suppliers and banks, for compliance with export control regulations. RespectUs also provides professional services incl. training, compliance audits, license management, internal compliance programs and transaction structuring.”

Decision-maker(s) → Patrick Goergen
Website → respectus.space


RSS-Hydro is operating across geospatial fields for a more sustainable and resilient future. We use the newest remote sensing, Earth Observation, computer models, and drones to achieve industry impact for a number of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and inform decision-makers in meeting the Goals. We are committed to include the SDGs 1, 2, 6, 13, 15, 17 in our mission and daily activities.

Decision-maker(s) → Guy Schumann
Website → rss-hydro.lu


SkyfloX is a European Space Agency ‘spin-off’ company, developing the concept ORCA: using commercial aircraft as a platform for Earth observation and telecommunications. In short, SkyfloX develops aviation certified payloads (equipment/sensors) that are mounted under the tail of airliners and gather data of our planet, like satellites do. Use cases include forest fire monitoring (including early detection), temperature monitoring, air pollution monitoring, and many more.

Decision-maker(s) → Emmanuel Rammos
Website → skyflox.eu

Space Cargo Unlimited

Space Cargo Unlimited pioneer ground-breaking microgravity science. They empower research and manufacturing missions in Low Earth Orbits with a focus on the future of agriculture for a changing Earth.

Decision-maker(s) → Nicolas Gaume
Website → space-cu.com

SPARC Industries

We develop plasma-based space technologies with clear game-changing potential, starting with VSTRAP. The software allows any user who develops electric propulsion technology for satellites to do significant part of the R&D work on the computer. We also provide R&D support for these clients.

Decision-maker(s) → Dejan Petkow
Website → sparc-industries.com


WASDI is a cutting-edge EO analytics platform offering services to develop and deploy Earth Observation (EO) applications, designed to extract value-added information, Apps are developed and distributed by EO-experts and decision-makers can run these apps either from a user-friendly interface or an API, fulfilling real-world business needs.

Decision-maker(s) → Paolo Campanella
Website → wasdi.net


WEO take global coverage satellite imagery and then leverage the power of machine learning to create high resolution insights for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. We specialise in tackling major environmental challenges, such as water resource management, growing urban forests, preparing for natural disasters and adapting to climate change using Earth Observation data to provide frequently updated, affordable and actionable insights to our clients.

Decision-maker(s) → Imeshi Weerasinghe
Website → weo-water.com

yuri LUX GmbH

Yuri develops fully automated micro-labs and launches them for scientists around the world to the International Space Station, on orbital and suborbital spacecraft and on parabolic flights. The Luxembourg entity is the Design Hub where we develop space hardware for a world after the ISS.

Decision-maker(s) → Maria Birlem, Christian Bruderrek, Oliver Dresch
Website → yurigravity.com

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