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In a global context, Europe is small. And Luxembourg? Even smaller. Sometimes you have to think outside the continent to find inspiration for new ideas. That’s why Silicon Luxembourg has compiled 30 Global Startups of Interest, an inside (or outside?) look at startup technology in Europe and around the world. Check out these trailblazers from world-spanning time zones!

France – +Simple is an insurance underwriting service for VSBs/SMEs. The startup developed a subscription and management platform for insurance plans and offers 100% digital and simplified processing as well as solutions designed for each profession.

Find out more: www.plussimple.fr


United Kingdom – The cleantech startup develops a unique air ventilation solution that promises to save money for homeowners by replacing old external vents with smart Airex vents. The premise: homeowners struggle with cold droughts and high energy bills. The smart vent will detect when vents should be closed, trapping the desired warm air, while opening up to let in fresh air.

Find out more: www.airex.tech


Estonia – The startup aims to solve urban commuting challenge and has created smart electric bikes and has sold them successfully on a crowdfunding platform. The bikes are lighter than existing models and look like regular ones. Designed with the objective to make them easy to use, these bikes deliver the potential of bicycles in modern cities.

Find out more: amplerbikes.com


Belgium – The startup developed textAnglr, a tool that makes exploring unstructured text data easy, fast and manageable. Companies can analyze any kind of text data, be it e-mails, social media messages, legal document or NPS or CSAT survey results. The AI automatically extracts the most common topics and concepts and generates a simple exploration model.

Find out more: textanglr.com


Poland – bNesis aims to help banks get the most value out of clients’ data. Currently, banks access user data, including transactions, but the specific data purchased is not well organized, resulting in loss of bang for their buck. bNesis proposed to aggregate multiple systems from various segments.

Find out more: bnesis.com


France – A group of searchers/surfers passionate of water sports and innovation developed the first device that really helps beginners in his take-off stage. The device can be fixed on the front of the board and shows the surfer, by a visual signal, the optimal time to do his take-off. The startup also develops a range of connected products that measure in real time the performance of each surfer through connected surf pads.

Find out more: by-the-wave.com


France – The startup is a national leader in digital accounting which services can perform assessments by connecting an accountant to banks and suppliers in order to rectify an accounting situation in real time, and it does so without the daunting and time-consuming methods found in traditional accounting. Clementine gives added value to accounting by getting rid of the well-known “loss of time in transfering accounting documents”.

Find out more: www.compta-clementine.fr


Germany – The startup developed an eScooter-Sharing service solution in Berlin, with a fleet of 1,000 electric scooters, and in Paris, with 600. The self-service solution helps save time and is an excellent supplement to the mobility services in the city centres. It takes just a few taps to find a scooter available nearby.

Find out more: joincoup.com


France – Créditéo is a management real-estate credit simulator program created by experts in real-estate finance. It’s based on solving a simple problem: how can we speed up real-estate credit account processing?

Find out more: www.crediteo.co


Belgium – FibriCheck (Qompium) is a Belgian-based digital health company focusing on the development and commercialization of low-cost, scalable and user-friendly medical grade mobile applications for a better health. The lighthouse app, FibriCheck, is a CE-certified Class II diagnostic solution to detect heart rhythm disorders such as atrial fibrillation outside the clinical environment using the smartphone camera.

Find out more: fibricheck.com


Ireland – GuardYoo is a blood test for IT infrastructure. The system of services provided by this startup can help companies of all sizes understand any IT weak points inside their network. The program collects data and runs them through MU and MIL algorithms. The software isn’t designed to replace existing procedures, but rather to compliment them.

Find out more: www.guardyoo.com


France – Just Mining is aiming to become the first French platform to crack the mining market by offering innovative and impartial solutions. Its “impartial mining” solution is a simple and intuitive method that guarantees profitability for its investors. Just Mining has become an actor/promoter of Blockchain technology in prime expansion!

Find out more: just-mining.com


Ivory Coast – The startup offers a product capable of turning organic waste into fertilizer and usable gas. Right from the start, the LONO team set out to solve three problems: sanitation, lack of access to energy, and unsafe cooking (most cooking takes place by burning wood inside a house, which means toxic smoke in the air).

Find out more: lonoci.com


France – The startup develops cleaning and well-being services to companies with a humanistics and ecological approach. It uses eco-labeled products and replant a tree in a devasted zone for each product used. The startup operates in Paris’ region and north east of France and is expanding abroad.

Find out more: www.opetitssoins.fr


France – The startup proposes to create energy for lighting in Western Africa through an efficient solar panel solution, which it sells to distributors first, who then put it in the hands of Senegalese families. The solution should cut down work and bring lighting at an affordable price. Families can pay monthly installments for three years, after which period they own the panel.

Find out more: oniriq.com


South Korea – The startup focuses on Screen Paint, which can turn any glass surface into an HD screen. It requires no special skills or material, just the paint and a brush. The screen appears translucent but is capable of fully catching the projection. The product is useful for retail, shopping malls, airports, and trade shows anywhere.

Find out more: www.spaintkorea.com


France – The product is the first home-made kitchen garden “Made In France” directly built into your kitchen. It allows a family or a chef of restaurants to grow all year round small fruits and vegetables with ease and without any knowledge required. In 2017, the startup won 5 awards and startup competitions.

Find out more: www.pousse-legume.com


Portugal – This startup offers a peer-to-peer online platform to rent day-to-day objects. Rnters functions quite simply: the individuals take pictures of objects they want to rent to others and put them online. A 20% commission is taken on any rentals. The first contacts between interested parties are made through the platform, as well as payments.

Find out more: www.rnters.com


Bielorussia – Sports media powered by Blockchain. Scorum provides cryptocurrency rewards for both content creators and curators. Community members get paid for publishing posts, voting, commenting and uploading photos. For sports writers the startups has developed custom solutions: sports analytics, interactive graphics and a large photo database.

Find out more: scorumcoins.com


France – Snips is an AI-powered voice assistant you can add to your products. It runs on-device and is Private by Design. The startup believes Artificial Intelligence can make technology so effortless that it disappears from our consciousness. The team developed Snips AIR, a network of devices collaborating to form a mesh of AI assistants.

Find out more: snips.ai


United States – The aerospace startup is developing a technology in order to roast coffee beans… in space! The team intends to open a space theme café, that shall be more than just a coffee place but also a hub and platform to be inspired and get knowledge about space. The price of a cup of space coffee? 50-100 euros.

Find out more: roasters.space


South Korea – The startup allows you to call and answer calls with your fingertips. A special watch strap, interchangeable with almost any watch face, transfers vibrations into your fingertip so you can talk on the phone without having to pull out your phone. In other words, you can take your favorite watch and turn it into a phone with the Sgnl strap!

Find out more: www.mysgnl.com


United Kingdom – The startup helps you find tasty, healthy and ethical alternatives to your daily cravings. The e-commerce platform will easily helps you find your desired products and take care of your dietary needs and lifestyle, while delivering directly to you.

Find out more: stopmycraving.com


Belgium – The startup developed Twikbot® a cloud-based software platform that allows customers to personalize and modify their own products right from the website. The user-friendly software plugs right into the site and translates each customer’s preferences into digital production-ready files.

Find out more: www.twikit.com


United Kingdom – British clever home energy assistant gives you intelligent information about key appliances and electricity usage in your home, helping you to tackle your bills, reduce your carbon footprint and keep your home safe. Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, Verv starts to identify appliances in your home by their unique energy signatures.

Find out more: verv.energy


France – The startup lets consumers test products for free and helps companies gain visibility. The process is quite simple: companies with consumable products organize mass shipments of packages that contain gifts and goodies. The consumers then post 5 photos on the startup website for a vote – the best rated consumers get the best reputation and thus get more free stuff for new events to come!

Find out more: www.verygoodmoment.com


Luxembourg – Wafer Messenger is an application that allows users to combine 6 types of media content, including audio and video, to send a single creative message. Given the recent breaches in data security, Wafer Messenger has taken good care to assure its users of the startup’s commitment to user privacy.

Find out more: www.wafermessenger.com


South Korea – The idea behind WellVe is a healthy, whole life full of experiences. Their products include a trackable dog collar that keeps a record of your dog’s health. This information can then be treated by the WellVe services and deliver the needed nutrition to your home on a regular basis. How’s that for innovation.v

Find out more: www.wellve.co


Spain – Wuolah financially rewards students willing to share their class notes with classmates. 230,000 students, 500,000 documents uploaded and 5.5 million downloads equals startup success! How does it work? Student A download the note for a small fee. Student B (the owner of the note) receives a commission.

Find out more: www.wuolah.com


France – Yeeld helps you save time on your projects without realizing it! Thanks to their personalized solutions (molded to the euro and optimal savings), you save money according to your needs and budget. Your savings then help finance future vacations or can be put directly on your Yeeld card for immediate spending.

Find out more: www.yeeld.com

(Photo by Teddy Kelley on Unsplash)

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