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4 Growth Startups from Day one of EBN Conference 2018

Silicon Luxembourg got the inside look on four interesting startups, some of which you may already know, who pitched at the Technoport—EBN Congress’ Growth competition. Check them out in order of appearance.

Kevin Muller, co founder at Passbolt, took the stage to talk about the password manager startup based in Luxembourg. The average business undergoes 100 entered passwords each day. Each year, 125 million hours are lost because of mismanaged passwords. In fact, many employees write their passwords down on post-its next to their desk. When there is a breach in security through password hacks, the average loss per incident is $1.5 million. Passbolt aims to fix the problem. They have already acquired over 5,000 organic clients without any marketing. The program is available on any device, and even from a slack account.

Find out more: www.passbolt.com


Vincent Van Impe, cofounder at Ziggu, hooked the homeowners and homebuilders in the audience right out the gate, saying, “anyone who has ever built a home a done a building project knows how stressful the process can be. You’re basically in the dark throughout the whole process!” Ziggu, one of Luxembourg’s own, developed a program to keep update communication in real time for project developers and the ones financing them—you. During the Q&A after Vincent’s speech, one jury member asked, “do you think developers will even use your platform? It seems like they want to keep us in the dark.” Vincent smiled and causally explained that “in today’s world, competition won’t give them the choice!”

Find out more: ziggu.io


GuardYoo is, for metaphorical intents and purposes, a “blood test for IT infrastructure.” The system of services provided by this startup can help companies of all sizes understand any IT weak points inside their network. The program collects data and runs them through MU and MIL algorithms. Some might wonder why big players in the IT field haven’t already developed similar programs—is the product even competitive? The answer is yes, big players have similar processes, but none as thorough. “The software isn’t designed to replace existing procedures, but rather to compliment them,” says GuardYoo.

Find out more: www.guardyoo.com


Dmitriy Norenko, founder at bNesis, introduced Luxembourg to Poland’s bNesis, a startup aiming to help banks “get the most value out of clients’ data.” Currently, banks access user data, including transactions, but the specific data purchased is not well organized, resulting in loss of bang for their buck. bNesis proposed to “aggregate multiple systems from various segments.”

Find out more: bnesis.com

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