4 Questions For Rapahel Nave

Raphael Nave manages the Technion-wide Bronica Entrepreneurship Center, since 2014, and oversees the Technion Entrepreneurship Education activities. On March 27, Raphael Nave will conduct a talk at the University of Luxembourg on how in the past 20 years, the State of Israel became a startup nation and describe many examples of companies that illustrate the diversity, innovation and success aspects.
How Israel became one of the most vibrant startup ecosystem in the world?

I would recommend to all readers to read ‘Start Up Nation’ – by Dan Senor and Saul Singer [ available in English, French, German etc… ]. In my talk I shall get into the primary elements that made it happen. Mostly: The Israeli Culture/Character and fortunate timing of events. Did you hear about the biggest Exit ever in Israel that happened a few days ago? Intel bought Mobileye for over 15 Billion Dollars!

What are the ingredients to build a startup nation?

Combination of Entrepreneurial spirit, good educational system, effective eco-system and bright young innovators.

To you, how could we build bridges between the luxembourgish and israelian ecosystems?

The bridges are built of individual connections and cooperations. Need to identify common interests, common areas of complementary competencies and pursue them. Mutual visits, students exchanges etc…

How the University of Luxembourg can become a major player in this ecosystem?

Being the counter-part to the Israeli leading institutes, sending students over, looking into joint educational programs etc…

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