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4,000 Video Consultations Conducted Via Doctena Already

Only a few days after the launch of the teleconsulting platform, Doctena announces the integration of follow-up tools into its appointment scheduling platform.
by: Silicon Luxembourg
photo: Olivier Minaire
featured: Patrick Kersten

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Integration of orders, certificates, analysis requests through teleconsultation

The close collaboration between Doctena and the CNS/e-Santé agency now enables the creation and sending of all the follow-up documents required for the teleconsultation via the Doctena application. “The doctor can remotely draw up a certificate of incapacity for work or issue a prescription. without leaving his integrated work environment“, explains Patrick Kersten, CEO of Doctena.

What can the doctor do through the platform?

– Draw up a certificate of incapacity for work
– Give a medical prescription
– Generate a transfer document to the CSA
– Make a prescription for a lab test
– Make and send the fee note automatically to the patient

Who gets what?

Via the Doctena platform, the fee memorandum and the certificate of incapacity for work will be automatically transmitted to the NHA and the prescription will electronically be sent to a pharmacy of the patient’s choice. Sending the certificate of incapacity to work to the employer must always be done by the insured.

Soon after the Covid-19 crisis began, the CNS introduced three new acts in the medical nomenclature to allow for the teleconsultation of a doctor, physician-dentist or midwife (phone or video call application). The CNS reimburses 100% of the three teleconsultations to the insured.

“Patients have been asking us for years for greater integration with the NHA. This project shows us the potential for offering patients simple and effective digital solutions. I’m proud of our teams who – while working remotely – have delivered a remarkable result in record time,” comments Patrick Kersten.

CNS integration has been activated since launch and several hundred doctors can easily schedule follow-up appointments for chronic patients as well as manage the follow-up actions. Many also offer teleconsultation schedules on doctena.lu.

Preliminary stats since launch

The Doctena teleconsultation platform has recorded more than 4,000 video appointments in just a few days. More than 1 million medical appointments have been managed in Luxembourg by Doctena in 2019. Almost half of the population regularly consults through doctena.lu.

The Luxembourgish startup created in 2013 is one of Europe’s leading companies when it comes to booking online appointments with 1.5 million medical appointments booked per month. The application is available in Benelux, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. More than 10,000 doctors work with Doctena’s solutions.

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