50 Startups Shortlisted For Fit 4 Start’s Pitching Day

The countdown has begun. The list of the 50 startups pre-selected for Fit4Start’s Pitching Day has just been announced. Wow! More than 200 startups had submitted their applications, two thirds of them from abroad. In the end, 25 Luxembourg-based and 25 foreign startups were selected. Only 10 of them will be selected for the 9th edition of the Luxinnovation acceleration programme. Open to the public, the pitch session will be held on March 28th in Luxembourg. Register now! Just saying 😉

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France – In 2018, it is intolerable that one accident occurs every minute during public works in the US. Increasing safety, cost cutting, improving efficiency and reliability are the outcomes of SYSLOR solutions usage for public work.



Israel – Humans alone are struggling to keep up with the flood of fake stories, images and videos. AdVerif.ai develops AI for Ad Verification, leveraging the deep tech expertise of the team, together with proprietary data acquired via collaborations with fact checkers. With our FakeRank AI, we empower humans to fight misinformation at scale.



Belgium – AiVidens provides a Predictive Risk Management solution (PRIM) that can be applied to any Debt Portfolio. Thanks to specific algorithms and to AI, PRIM assesses whether a customer will pay and when. PRIM therefore allows companies to anticipate payment issues and segment Debt Portfolio according to dedicated payment profiles and risk types.



United States – Ambitrace Bridges the Data Visibility Gap with 100% data visibility, perpetual look-up, and near zero operational complexity.



LuxembourgANote Music is the first European Music Royalties Exchange Marketplace. Merging the music industry with financial markets and Blockchain, ANote is acting as the bridge between Investors and Owners of Music Rights, democratising investments in music and fostering a transparent and liquid market.



Luxembourg – BIM-Y is a global and affordable solution which opens the doors of 3D digitalisation for existing buildings to start predictive maintenance step by step without big investment, to increase a building’s value, improve its management and boost savings.



BLAUHILL is a Digital Real Estate Investment Platform that makes real estate investment simple and transparent. It digitizes real estate projects that support communities and provides a solution to many pain points real estate investors regularly face today.

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Japan – Blockckchain Lock provides an all-in-one space sharing solution just with our BCL Smart Lock through the power of Iot and blockchain.



Portugal – Cargofive is a sales automation software for freight forwarders. Our algorithm enables freight forwarders to manage complex carrier’s rates and create automatic quotes in seconds instead of hours. Cargofive is the perfect solution for any freight forwarder who wants to simplify, digitise and automate their sales process and sell more, faster.



Germany – ChopApp optimises the ordering & payment process in hospitality establishments, by integrating the customer’s smartphone into the ordering process. This increases the businesses revenue and saves the customers time. Hereby both parties can focus on what is important.

→ NC


Luxembourg – Clickbye is in the business of saving time. Reducing the whole process from 5 hours to 5 minutes, travellers can now find, book and reserve an entire trip, across flights, hotels, activities and transport. This is all made possible by using automation and having an in-depth understanding of what consumers want – easy and efficient access to trips that fit their dates and budget.



Luxembourg – Easy Volunteer wants to digitalize the volunteering sector and become a key partner for associations in order to support their activities and help them find all the ressources they need in a quick, simple and efficient way.

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Luxembourg – EmailTree AI comes as a solution to increase email productivity, automate email composition and trigger automatic actions in databases. This means spending considerably less time on emails, using the time more efficiently for more value-added activities.



Luxembourg – With F4A, only YOU can make a change! Our concrete win-win solution gives the opportunity 4 ALL to be a hero fighting food waste on a supermarket level!

Find out more f4a.com


NC – We believe that businesses should make a commitment to future generations and fight a global issue. Ours is wildfires. We do it from space.

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France – Gamification can save the world. Imagine that good behaviour for biodiversity and cultural knowledge can be transformed into local economic developments. That’s the vision put in the Flagtown’s mobile application and it’s “SIMPLE” !



Germany – GAMMA AR is an Augmented Reality application that helps construction companies monitor and manage projects. The app empowers users with a tool to detect errors and share information in real time on a mobile device. The result: on-site troubleshooting that saves time and cuts costs.



Luxembourg – HighWave Capital develops a 100% behavioral finance Robo-Advisor and tailor makes under white label its application for banks, insurance companies and asset managers. HighWave Capital relies on Nobel Prize behavioural research to outperform financial markets and its methods and results have been reviewed and validated by a big four.



LuxembourgHotshot is a mobile-first messaging and collaboration system Built on military-grade security to provide a zero-trust platform Exceeds even the toughest security and compliance requirements.



Spain – iCONN Smart Hotel Cloud is a predictive personalisation platform that enables hoteliers to deliver dynamic website and email content, tailored in real time to each individual person, helping boost direct and repeat bookings.



NC – Connecting machines and workers with Infiniris augmented and cross reality by developing assistive tools and applications for industrial workers : manned work, maintenance, engineering, safety and training.

→ NC


Luxembourg – Keexle is a completely private, totally secure and easy to use communication platform for Collaboration, File-Sharing, Video Conferencing, Chat & lots more. In the face of Cybersecurity threats and data leaks; for even the most sensitive of projects, our unique technology ensures you’re protected.



NC – Project Kiwi is a unique solution to communicate with your plants and take care of their needs. We cracked a way to convert plants urges into emotions. Kiwi is a planter that will transform any plant into a cute little pet.

→ NC


Germany – Klangchat is a mobile app, which lets you instantly mix and add music, voice effects and a lip sync avatar to your voice messages. Klangchat connects the trends of voice messaging, music and stickers for a more fun and empathic transcultural digital communication. Klangchat’s voice chats are the next step in the evolution of emojis and stickers.



Luxembourg – Li-Fi is a wireless communication technology between devices that uses light to transmit data. In simple terms, Li-Fi can be thought of as a light based WiFi connection. In other words, it uses light instead of radio waves to transmit information that makes the technology entirely sustainable and green.



Taiwan – MAKAR is MIFLY’s innovative content creation solution to build, share and access augmented and virtual reality experiences. It’s 100% coding free, fast and easy to use, thus allowing to cut AR/VR development costs to one tenth of average studio rates.



Luxembourg – eduGamiTec bridging education with new technologies. Our solution memomoti.com is an easy to use platform, enabling anyone to insert personalized educational content into entertaining game templates to improve the motivation for learning. Now, take your favorite game and start learning something new today!



Luxembourg – By providing a shared vehicle service that is so simple, efficient and flexible, that the user prefers it to traditional owned mobility. Let’s discover mobility differently, without all the inherent constraints of ownership. We provide to our customers and employees, a complete and turnkey mobility service. Moovee‘s mobility service is used without the constraints and inconveniences of traditional operational management.



France – Niaouli is the ideal digital tool to analyse, understand and evaluate your employer brand by gathering HR big data (internally and externally). In other words, Niaouli is the Google Analytics for the Employer Brand.



Luxembourg – PHOENICI applies a methodology developed by its founder, Mr. Giovanni Patrì, which aims to protect against identity theft but also to rehabilitate victims and help professionals to be armed to manage identity theft issues, in an area of digitalisation, with audit services and providing an “identity safe” flagging.



NC – On is a unique Artificial Intelligence that monitors financial markets, and identifies and executes investment opportunities. On aims to bring the asset management industry into the 4th Industrial Revolution. Our technology is based on rocket science because when it comes to investing, chance should not be a factor.

→ NC


Luxembourg – Rafinex brings engineering SMEs to Industry 4.0. In minutes rather than months, our AI-assisted, cloud-based simulations auto-generate safer, stronger product designs than ever before, optimising components for thousands of real-world operating conditions.



NC – RoomMate simplifies living together for people sharing an apartment by proposing tools for managing the daily home life, such as expense splitting or chores management. We found a sweet spot: we sell apartment-related services via our platform.

→ NC


France – ROOTE is the multimodal platform that offers solutions to mobility players. Today, traveler’s information has become crucial. We are developing a realtime API which will be the cornerstone of this project; this tool will make tomorrow’s mobility much simpler. Available whether you are a traveller; a startup; an operator or a city.



Australia – Snap, Snap, Snap and cook with what you have! Scoodit is the 1st cooking app ever to use visual recognition. The smart reverse cookbook that allows you to input the ingredients you have or want to use and delivers healthy recipes based on available groceries.



Luxembourg – Scrybto, allows high end goods producers to instantly stop counterfeit, better control the goods they produce, and generate new revenues.



Belgium – Sensifai offers the world’s most comprehensive video recognition system (1) on the cloud, and also (2) embedded in the device. We developed a deep learning platform which incorporates both audio data and visual data of videos interactively and simultaneously to recognise video content. The software is available live on Amazon Web Service Marketplace and everybody can subscribe and use it.



Luxembourg – Serpico is proposing a web solution enabling both internal and external participants to grade your projects or day-to-day activities, in order to have a reliable and continuous indicator defining performance, quality, and homogeneity among teams. Through our platform, assessing in a collaborative fashion most of your actions will make you retain existing customers, discover new business opportunities, and engage your workforce as never before!



Luxembourg – Shawbe is a European retail and advertising mobile app company that shows independent local retailers reviews, deal notifications and other local retail-related content. It also includes interactive local forums. Shawbe is an early adopter of local economy in EU.



NC – The solution makes buildings autonomous in their daily functioning. Discharges the building users (inhabitants) from fastidious tasks in relation with their maintenance or in relation with any building anomaly causing a damage to the building. It is a smart multiservice platform that plays the role of an interface between smart buildings and service providers in order to provide a precise service in a very short time. The role of the smart platform is to listen to all incoming alerts and to react very quickly to find a service provider not far away from the building to stop or to repair the anomaly as soon as possible.

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Luxembourg – Szmart Blockz is developing the Procure to Pay process (P2P) for companies to gain trust, save time, money and make internal processes fraud-proof. The Procurement department of each company is essential for efficiency and cost reduction. Szmart Blockz redefines Procurement.



Luxembourg – CoinPlus offers to the B2B market the Solo pro. The Solo pro is composed of 3 cards for a single crypto account. Coinplus solves 3 critical issues (i) being hacked, (ii) lack of trust regarding proprietary technologies, (iii) the durability and tangibility of the support on which you park your secret codes.



France – So far data preparation in Big Data projects was done by IT professionals or Data scientists. But today, 80% of a Big Data project time frame is consumed by data preparation, and a lot of machine learning algorithms fail because of the data quality. In order to solve these 2 main pain points, Tale of Data is providing a very user friendly data preparation software, dedicated to non techies business users. This way, we leverage the expertise of business owners in order to maximise the data quality, and we reduce the IT and data scientists departments’ bottleneck.



Luxembourg – Taxx.lu allows you to do your income tax return in Luxembourg without knowledge of taxation by following a simple and interactive online questionnaire, making sure that you take full advantage of all the tax benefits and that you get a personalised analysis on how to save taxes in the future.



Luxembourg – Urban Timetravel offers tourists a new way to discover their cultural heritage by travelling through time with the latest technologies Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.



Luxembourg – Valuu Analytics empowers self-directed, individual investors to analyse the intrinsic value of stock-listed companies. It gives them confidence to make informed investment decisions and saves precious time in their research process.



Portugal – Visor.ai helps big companies automate their interactions using Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence. Visor.ai’s clients, which include Banks and Insurance Companies, automate around 70% of their customer support.



Italy – Vocally.fm is the ultimate platform which democratises podcasts for everyone. Are you a content creator, blogger or online publisher? With Vocally.fm you can finally generate hands-free vocal versions of your articles and reach your valuable busy audience thanks to an embeddable player and a personal channel.



Luxembourg – ZENVIEW is the most efficient Virtual Reality platform to reduce work stress and increase productivity immediately. By using the most modern VR technologies, our goal is to create an oasis of peace and productive relaxation in every office. For this purpose, we supply our software along with the plug and play ZENVIEW setup in an all-inclusive monthly subscription package.



Zortify predicts personality traits crucial to success, such as entrepreneurial potential, sales personality, or agility mindset. Introducing AI-textanalysis, Zortify comes up with highly reliable and non-biased personality reportings. The results help decision makers e.g. in the investment industry or in Human Resources.


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