5G Ready For Deployment: Tango And Telindus In The Starting Blocks

Under Proximus Luxembourg, Tango and Telindus have now connected to 5G on their mobile networks with an operational 5G network core for future launches. Recently, an international study has recognized the quality of their 4G networks, placing it in ahead of other Luxembourgish competitors. Both presented at the 5G Conference organized during December 11 and 12. The two brands are once again demonstrating their expertise by giving a good overview of the progress of 5G technology.
by: Silicon Luxembourg
photo: Telindus
featured: PM Xavier Bettel on Proximus’ booth

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The SMC and Digital Luxembourg organized their annual conference around 5G. Tango and Telindus joined the event to present the developments that will be enabled by 5G.

Thanks to their partner Ericsson, visitors have discovered a robot that combines artificial and cloud technologies, thanks to the 5G network. Another concrete example achieved with Nokia’s support this time is the launch of a live 5G antenna that allows visitors to discover a demo related to augmented reality which will possibly enable easy access to video streaming in 4K quality.

The core network is operational and already has enough capacity to support 5G speeds at launch. Since the first test conducted last April, the operator is only waiting for the “Commodo-Incommodo” authorization and the allocation of frequencies to go live, the objective being to launch 5G, for Tango and Telindus customers from the largest population pools within 12 months.

“Our network, used for Tango and Telindus solutions, is truly ready for 5G!”

The independent company Tutela recently published the results of its international study on mobile experience. The report reviews the quality of networks around the world based on 170 million speed tests collected over 60 million devices (Android and iOS) between May 1 and August 1, 2019.

The network used by Tango and Telindus customers was ranked 21st worldwide for excellent and consistent quality (Excellent Consistent Quality – Tests specific to applications such as HD videos) and 6th in the world for consistent core quality, with tests showing sufficient quality in 98.8% of cases for all applications used on a daily basis (SD videos, VoIP calls, photo sharing apps). It should be noted that no other Luxembourgish operator appears in this study that focuses on the top 25 worldwide.

“Based on the upcoming launch of 5G, and the quality of our 4G network, we are pursuing the objective of always improving the connecting and digitising aspects of Luxembourg in order to offer high-performance solutions that bring added value to our B2B and B2C customers. We are proud to be able to contribute to the development of the competitiveness of this country,” concludes Gérard Hoffmann, CEO of Proximus Luxembourg.

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