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7 reasons why your ROI will increase with Instagram!

As a startuper, a local business or as your own personal brand, you “should” have an account on at least 6 essential social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube) and a blog that will help your SEO*. But if you can’t be efficient on all of them at the same time, which one you should focus on.

Reason #1: Instagram is the 2nd biggest social Network

Let’s start by talking about numbers. With over 500 Million of Daily Active Users (DAU) for 4 Billion Daily Likes last September, Instagram is simply the 2nd biggest social network in front of Twitter, Snapchat (3 times less DAU), YouTube or Pinterest. I am sure you already are on Facebook and Linkedin but you might underestimate Instagram when there are many of your potential customers that are waiting for you there.

Reason #2: Instagram’s Growth is amazing 

Almost everyone had heard of Instagram’s buyout by Facebook in April 2012 for 1 Billion only 1 year and half after it has been created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. But what’s most impressive about Instagram is the number of Monthly Active Users (MAU). It skyrockets each year. Instagram went from 300 Million MAU in December 2016 to 800 Million MAU in September 2017, so a 250% growth in 9 months. I know several startups that would love this kind of growth.

Facebook also recently announced that the time spent on Instagram had increased up to 80% per year for the past years.

Reason #3: Facebook is a dead sea for small businesses  

Yes, you should be on Facebook. However, now less than 2% of your fans see your content. If you want them to see it, you have to pay for it.

Moreover, entry barriers to start and develop a business via Facebook are really low. Anyone (yes anyone) that has a Facebook account can start advertising and selling products without having any content on his/her page. That’s why Ads are becoming more and more expensive. Especially with the new algorithm they released few weeks ago, there are less ads but the demand from businesses is increasing, so the price is increasing too… And regardless of if someone likes your page or not, you are competing with everyone targeting your fans. Paying to reach out to a community you put so much work to build isn’t something that you will be more than happy to do. It does not mean you should give up Facebook, but there are less costly social networks with higher ROI.

Reason #4: Instagram is the best place to create a community  

Any major startup will tell you how important it is to build your community. Early adopters will join first and then people who use your service will talk about it to their friends. For the same reason that Facebook is a dead end for Startups, you are still on your followers’ Instagram feed. You can interact with them on daily basis by posting quality content every day. This is how to on their mind. It’s not as simple as just posting, but with the right strategy and the right implementation, you will be able to animate your community.

Reason #5: Instagram is great for organic growth  

As mentioned, a nice and clean Instagram profile and daily postings will be a great start for you to develop your community. Moreover, there are tactics that can help you grow your community constantly, for free, with real potential customers or users based on their location, gender or languages. Of course, you can still pay for Ads at a cheaper price than on Facebook (and for a better ROI by the way). But, Instagram makes it easier to develop a Content Strategy and to easily gain organic users and customers.

Reason #6: Hashtags

It is also a part of the organic growth but it deserves its own paragraph. Hashtags are a great way to reach out to a lot of new users. Especially with Instagram’s recent release where you can now follow Hashtags. It’s also a great way to develop your brand awareness by using your brand hashtag and ask people to use it as we do it on our Clickbye’s Instagram account where we had 500% growth in the last 3 months due to this and other technics. Their followers will then know your brand, or at least hear about it. Like that, you increase brand awareness and number of direct users. At that point, you have a lot of followers that will be redirected to your account and then to your website or app pages. Sometimes it’s more indirect—people hear about you on someone’s post and then later on they see you on Facebook, Google or other places. In the end, you decrease your customer acquisition cost without reducing the quality of each new customer/user.

Reason #7: Analytics

Less glamourous, but nevertheless essential. Having a professional Instagram account will give you access to the free Instagram Analytic tool within the app to know your audience better for each post and in general. You don’t need to code or add anything else. It’s then easier for you to understand your audience and focus on the people most interested in your content. All of that for free.

(Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash)

As a startuper, a local business or as your own personal brand your budget is tight, Instagram is free but it will need work from you and/or your team but it worth it as your ROI will be higher. Feel free to reach out via Linkedin, Nessim Medjoub, if you want to discuss it.

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