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8 Companies Created In 54 Hours At Startup Weekend Luxembourg

The Technoport has just hosted the 8th edition of the Startup Weekend Luxembourg. An amazing moment mixing up entrepreneurship, mayhem and excitement.
(Featured Image: Sunday night fever at Startup Weekend Luxembourg / Image Credit: Alex Panican)

Starting on Friday evening, more than 55 attendees, from 20 countries, had 54 hours to build an innovative business from scratch. To succeed in their venture, they were helped by experienced coaches in the startup ecosystem; Martin Guerin from nyuko, Laurent Kratz from Scorechain, Florence Christmann from PwC Accelerator, Candi Carrera from Microsoft, Diane Tea from Vodafone, Marek Blizco from Google and Francois Scalais from Luxinnovation. On Sunday evening, 8 projects were presented to a jury of highly skilled businessmen. The highlight of the event was the quality of the pitches and the high number of foreign participants that came to Luxembourg especially for the occasion.

TheRealAgent, a startup aim at disrupting the real estate market, Unica, the first worldwide premium car fraternity, Passball, a community that builds value for charities with market researches, Mentor.me, a more scalable mentorship program for entrepreneurs, Checkcar, a platform that helps you buy a safe and certified car, ICI, a mobile app that offers you relevant and localize content, rEUfuel, a platform built to help the integration of immigrants in Luxembourg and Tod.me, a startup that offers services for millennials to help them during parenthood. Each team had 5 minutes to convince the jury about market potential, feasibility and scalability. The judges* had 3 minutes to ask questions and evaluate the business model of each team.

After deliberation, the 3rd place went to Checkcar for their innovative idea. The 2nd place went to Passball for the great value it’s building for immigrants and the community. Finally, the 1st place went to ICI, not only the jury found the idea innovative, but it has a high business feasibility and scalability.

Like every year, the event ended up with a nice meal, networking celebration and positive exhaustion.

Maybe some readers wonder why people would sacrifice their weekend to work hard, under stressful timing, with perfect strangers. I’ve asked some participants to share their weekend experience.

I am doing the Startup Weekend because it’s a very productive type of activity. It’s exhausting, but you learn a lot and most important, it shows you that you can accomplish much more than you think you are able to.
– Kuba (Poland, IT Engineer, 3rd participation)
I had a business idea and I wanted to learn the right steps to launch my future business. I learned so much with the coaches and with the team, a priceless experience. ICI was just an idea, but it had become a real business project, and many members of the team wish to continue the adventure.
– Jennyfer (France, HR consultant, 1st participation)
This is the best way to stay connected with young and open minded entrepreneurs. It helps me keep my ideas fresh, which is very important in my business. It also teaches me to be a better leader in a fast pace project and forces me to improve my public speaking skills. Yes, it’s exhausting but it’s so energizing in the meantime.
– Victor (France, Financial expert, 3rd participation)
I’ve participated out of curiosity, to do something new and challenge myself. I didn’t expected to learn so much. For instance how to focus on the elements that truly matters and how important is to fail fast, to learn and to pivot on time.
– Ines (Luxembourg, Student, 1st participation)
I didn’t wanted to waste a weekend so I decided to do something exiting and valuable. I also had a business project that I wanted to test. This was a great opportunity, team work makes your idea so much better.
– Varum (India, Marketing Manager, 1st participation)
I am currently working on a startup project and I wanted to apply the business concepts that I’ve learned, but on another project than mine. The event helps you better understand the startup approach, the business model and the importance of pivoting when needed. I highly recommend the experience, you can learn so much in less than three days, it’s impressive.
– Caroline (Belgium, Project Manager, 1st participation)
I’ve dreamed to live the startup experience for a long time now. The Startup Weekend was the perfect occasion to see what it feels to be an entrepreneur in real life situation. I joined the Passball project because I wanted to create true value, make a real contribution to the society, and that’s what entrepreneurship is all about. Unforgettable experience.
– Tsetseg (Mongolia, Procurement Manager, 1st participation)

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I can’t finish this article without thanking the other heroes of the weekend, the organizing team, who made this great event possible. Diego and Olivier from Technoport, Sylvain Chery from Agile Partner, Georges Jentgen from BikeDukes.com, Laurent Reisdoff from Axa Assurance and Gerson Ribeiro from Techstars. Thank you for keeping this event alive in Luxembourg and for your contribution to the startup community.

(*) The Judges of the 8th Startup Weekend Luxembourg: Raz Bachar (Business Development at Amazon Web Services), Warrick Cramer (Global head of Commercial Innovation at Vodafone), Sebastien Wiertz (General Manager at Paul Wurt inCub) and Cedric Dockendorf (Innovation Manager at Enovos Luxembourg)


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