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A Need For European Attention On Cybersecurity

The 11th edition of the International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC) will take place from January 22nd to 23rd 2019 in Lille, France. It’s a special event that welcomes actors in the European digital ecosystem to discuss issues related to security and privacy “by design.”
(Featured Image: Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Digital Society © European Union, 2018 / Photo: Wojtek Radwanski)
The challenges of looking from the “by design” perspective

Developed as a joint effort between the National Gendarmerie and CEIS, with the support of the Hauts-de-Région France, the event will dig into nitty gritty of the challenges related to “design.” Design is, after all, a major piece of the puzzle that makes up Europe’s current challenges in the digital space. But not to fear. Among others, the event boasts the participation of Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Digital Society.

“Digital technologies bring new challenges. In this context, security and the protection of systems, networks and data—personal or otherwise—can no longer be simple, isolated subjects or operational options that get attention as problems arise. Today, we need to build internal security measures, incorporated from the design of technologies and applications that we use daily. A real business requirement, and on the backdrop of the new GDPR challenge, the design challenge runs alongside several others: psychological, technical, human and financial ones,” says General Marc Watin-Augouard, founder of the FIC.

Through varied and complementary sessions (conferences, workshops, masterclasses,technical demonstrations, overlying challenges, and more), the 2019 FIC places security and privacy “by design” at the heart of the discussion between all actors, from companies to representatives of the public sphere. It hopes to touch on topics such as approach by design, strategic autonomy, cyberattacks, and cybersecurity solidarity.

“As a European platform, the FIC is firmly committed to supporting institutions and companies promoting a European vision of cybersecurity.”

Europe, the engine of digital trust

Cybersecurity threats can no longer be managed on a national scale. They must receive European and international treatment, where initiatives between countries facilitate cooperation.

“The 2019 edition of the FIC must launch the construction of a continental Europe cyber defense effort. From start of 2018, the community began positive with the implementation of common regulations (RGPD and NIS). This legislature pushed businesses in sensitive sectors as well as companies that manage personal data to invest in the evolution of their security systems,” says Jean-Noel de Galzain, President of HEXATRUST and CEO of WALLIX Group.

“We can already feel this European impact in the planning of FIC 2019 Startup Award, for which 43 dossiers are in the hands of a jury chaired by Frédéric Julhes, Director of Cybersecurity at Airbus Defense and Space. A year ago, startups Sqreen and Alsid set themseleves apart. The innovation field that will bring together some thirty startups will include a lab led by SecDef Lab from CEIS,” explained Guillaume Tissier, CEO of CEIS—Compagnie Européenne Strategic Intelligence. “Over two days, the Lab will present innovative solutions centered around a few major themes, such as artificial intelligence, identity management, trade security, etc.”

“As a European platform, the FIC is firmly committed to supporting institutions and companies promoting a European vision of cybersecurity. For that, we also initiated an advisory committee with ten European representatives, including Pascal Steichen, CEO of SECURITYMADEIN.LU and chaired by Elly van den Heuvel, Secretary to Cyber Security Council of the Netherlands in June. This committee aims to welcome more and more participants, companies, and researchers from other continents.”

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