Launches MoodMatch Using Travelsify’s Technology and Travelsify offer internet users a new way of finding the hotel that suits them best and announce the launch of the first search engine for travel experiences without preselecting a destination, MoodMatch.

Looking to indulge in a design, retro-ambience or gastronomic experience? Are you in a romantic, chilled out or party mood?

For anyone who has already had to rack their brains to choose a destination for their next weekend break, is offering MoodMatch, a completely new search experience based entirely on the moods and experiences of travelers.

“With the launch of MoodMatch, AccorHotels once again proves its capacity to innovate and adapt to the new ways of searching for hotels”

To offer this inspirational search engine, is implementing the technology developed by Travelsify, a start-up that attended the first Vivatechnology trade show. As part of this first stage targeting internet users in France and the United Kingdom, Travelsify identified the DNA of around a thousand hotels from AccorHotels brands or independent hotels on, based on the analysis of all guest and expert comments posted about them online. In short, Travelsify Hotel DNA™ is determined by customers and for customers! “With the launch of MoodMatch, AccorHotels once again proves its capacity to innovate and adapt to the new ways of searching for hotels. We are glad that AccorHotels chose to implement Travelsify’s unique technology to personalize its offer according to travelers’ preferences,” said Bruno Chauvat, CEO at Travelsify.

By selecting “Inspire Me” on the “Find your Hotel” tab on the site’s homepage, English and French-speaking internet users can let themselves be guided where the mood takes them, regardless of the destination, and to choose from a set of criteria broken down into four categories: in the mood for, preferred style, close to and anything else?. The search engine then displays a selection of hotels with the match percentage between the moods chosen by the user and the DNA of the corresponding hotel.

If users like what they see, all they have to do is to continue their journey is click on the photo of the hotel they have been matched with to access the hotel details and enter their dates to find out about prices and availability.

“Nowadays, travelers aspire to unique travel experiences; with this new, user-friendly and fun way of finding their next destination by initially being led by their emotions and where the mood takes them, is providing a ground-breaking way of searching, which goes far beyond finding a hotel solely based on destination. This one-of-a-kind search engine therefore complements the suite of services developed in recent months on our website including the City Guides, the AccorHotels Magazine, Restaurants by AccorHotels to inspire travelers and give them ever more relevant ideas and information about their next destinations,” said Romain Roulleau, Senior Vice President E-Commerce and Digital Services for AccorHotels.

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