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First Name/Last Name:

Dr Adam Selamnia



Phone Number:

+ 33 607 132 920

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Social Networks:

Linkedin / Twitter


Adam M. SELAMNIA is a +15 years senior entrepreneur and subject matter expert in HealthTech. He started his career as a co-founder and Managing director of an international development Company for Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industries (2001 – 2008). He then acted as a Scientific and Marketing Consultant (2008-2013). Taking part of major market transformation in Healthcare, he devoted himself to designing and implementing e-health solutions for real life, clinical, and more recently well-being purposes (2013-2017). After a short entrepreneurial journey on a Corporate Wellness project in Luxembourg (2016-2017), he is currently advising entrepreneurs on e-health and Wellness projects. During his career, he acted as a connector between Institutional, Industrial, Academic and citizen worlds and was invited to lecture in Universities and Engineering Schools in diverse countries.

Adam holds a MS in Biochemistry, a PhD in Physiology of Human Nutrition (Paris-FR). After a post-doctoral visit to Penn State University (Hershey-USA), he acquired an MBA in Marketing and Business Engineering (Paris-FR).

What I’m looking for:

I’m currently seeking management position in the HealthTech domain and advisory board member opportunities in Start-up companies.

What I can offer to the community:

I can offer an expertise on HealthTech matter; and connect with my network in Europe, US and MENA.

I can offer mentorship session for young or want to-be entrepreneurs. Last, I can offer a smile, and a coffee or a beer. Great interactions usually start this way!

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