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Aiva Selected for AIBE Summit

Aiva, the Artificial Intelligence composing classical music has been selected for AIBE Summit, a conference on Artificial Intelligence in Business and Entrepreneurship that will be held in London on February 4. The event will combined talks from leading AI academics, the venture capital and business industry’s greatest minds, the world’s largest tech companies, and some of the most promising AI startups in London.

The Summit is an initiative pioneered by the LSE SU Entrepreneurs Society, driven to celebrate the newly formed partnership on AI between Google, Facebook, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft.

A wide range of startups and innovative companies will exhibit that day. Among them, Tesla Motors (self-driving cars), Opto VR (virtual reality), IntelligentX Brewing Company (world’s first AI-brewed beer), Aiva (AI music composer), Aire (machine learning credit ratings), Your.MD (AI health assistant), Cyra (AI smart recruiter), Cyberlytic (risk and security intelligence), Bibblio (knowledge discovery platform) and Grakn (knowledge graph visualisation).

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