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ALD Automotive drives mobility innovation with launch of incubator for startups Shaker

ALD Automotive Luxembourg, the leading operational leasing firm in Luxembourg and a supplier of mobility solutions, has launched a startup incubator called Shaker. (Featured image: ALD Automotive’s headquarters in Luxembourg)

“When you grow, you lose the ability to innovate quickly, whereas the market is constantly evolving and presenting new challenges. Startups are much more agile and can innovate faster, but it can also be difficult for them to transform their ideas into concrete, high value-added offerings.” says Pierre-Yves Meert, ALD Automotive Luxembourg’s Marketing & Innovation Manager. Shaker was set up to combine these advantages and create solid partnerships between startups and ALD Automotive. To this end, ALD Automotive is actively looking for startups in the mobility sector, giving startups office space at its premises and forming cross-functional teams to develop new and innovative services.

Transform ideas into products and services

Shaker already has its first two startups in Luxembourg. These are CarCoach, a specialist of vehicle technologies and trainer in co-driving and defensive driving, and CarPay-Diem, the developer of a smartphone app for optimum fuel-buying

“ALD Automotive has shown particular interest in CarPay-Diem from the outset. ALD immediately saw the benefits of this technology for its customers. Partnering with Shaker will give CarPay-Diem access to the ALD International network.” praises Frédéric Stiernon, founder of CarPay-Diem. “This incubator represents a major springboard for a startup like CarCoach. On the one side, there is the practical aspect, with the ability to work in an office environment that is conducive to our business. On the other side, the proximity to the ALD team within the same walls facilitates dialogue, making it easier for us to discuss and develop new solutions that meet the needs of all our customers.” explains Antonio Da Palma Ferramacho, founder of CarCoach. This should bring a boost to our revenues before long. And we are already looking towards a new addition to our team.”

A worldwide network

Shaker is an initiative of ALD Automotive Luxembourg, but the aim is to replicate it with other Group entities. Some of these have already adopted the Shaker principle. For example, ALD Automotive Russia has had some discussions with startups and will also be spreading the word on Shaker this week. “Since the arrival of the first startup, CarCoach, at our offices, we have already seen an impact in terms of the interest shown by our staff in the exciting world of startups. The discussions taking place within Shaker are providing everyone with a source of inspiration.” comments Dominique Roger, General Manager of ALD Luxembourg.

The benefits for both parties

ALD Luxembourg’s management has formalised its commitment by signing a partnership charter with the startups. Startups can then benefit from several advantages: office space, access to the company sales forces, access to advice and in-house expertise and access to ALD Automotive’s local and international networks.

The startups are also a key source to reduce the time needed to develop new solutions for the company. They can strengthen a culture focused on innovation and partnership, lead to the development of services based on disruptive ideas and help the company honing its reputation as an innovative company.

To foster this initiative the company is currently working on future developments such as the launch workshops with startups, customers, drivers and service providers, the development of Shaker’s network, the organisation of an international competition for startups, or the setup of long-term partnerships in Luxembourg with key players like Technoport or nyuko.

ALD Automotive Luxembourg’s management signed a collaboration charter to support startups. From left to right, Carlos Campos (Operations Director), Dominique Roger (Managing Director), Gerrit Canipel (Sales Director) and Sandra de Kerckhove (Finance Director):

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