All Square Golf Lands in Silicon Valley

Luxembourg-based Startup Joins Renowned Plug & Play Tech Center’s Accelerator Program

We recently met with Patrick Rahme and Arthur De Rivoire, national golf champions and founders of All Square Golf, a social networking platform that connects passionate golfers from around the world. It will provide golfers with unique access to expert knowledge and exclusive deals on golf trips. These young entrepreneurs are incorporating Plug & Play Tech Center’s 3 month accelerator program in Sunnyvale, CA, during their time in the US. This opportunity is the result of a partnership established back in 2011 between Luxembourg’s Ministry of the Economy and Plug & Play. The combination of a social travel platform based around golf is sure to spur the interest of US investors as it has already gained some traction in Luxembourg, France, and Switzerland.

Source: Luxembourg Trade and Investment Offices in the U.S. Click here.

Photo: At our San Francisco office pictured above from left to right:  Luxembourg Trade & Investment Office Executive Director Georges Schmit, All Square CEO Patrick Rahme, All Square Co-founder Arthur De Rivoire, and Luxembourg Trade & Investment Office Communications Amy Sandoval

To learn more about All Square visit:

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