Allen & Overy Launches FundsFlow DocMaker

Allen & Overy Luxembourg launches FundsFlow DocMaker, an intra-group financing automation tool designed to help alternative asset managers tackle today’s challenges in relation to funds flow documentation.

Credits © Maarten van den HeuvelUnsplash

This new legaltech solution facilitates the process of documenting intra-group financing transactions: increasing efficiency and reducing costs while enhancing quality and speed.

“Our alternative investment clients are facing a huge challenge from the sheer volume of intra-group financing documents required across their Luxembourg investment platforms. FundsFlow DocMaker saves time and money while ensuring consistency and Allen & Overy quality. We’re excited about it,” comments A&O Partner and Co-Head of Alternative Investment, Peter Myners.

“FundsFlow DocMaker has been designed to document funds flows in real time and help our clients keep appropriate records of their transactions in a timely manner. At a time when transactions complete in a short time frame, it is essential for legal teams to be able to rely on technology,” concludes Head of Know-How and Legal Tech in Luxembourg, Audrey Scarpa.

FundsFlow DocMaker from Allen & Overy Luxembourg on Vimeo.

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