AML And Administrative Platform For PE/VC Firms

What is Cascade?

Cascade is an award-winning SaaS platform, centralizing client data by structuring registries (Funds, GP’s, Portfolio Investments, Counterparties etc…) and providing a complete AML/KYC framework.

What are key obligations of VC/PE firms?

VC and PE firms, whether authorised or registered, need to apply a Risk Based Approach (RBA) to their business relationships, including Portfolio Investments. The LPEA organised a webinar with the CSSF where a key takeaway was the need for the AIFM/General Partner responsible for following the AML/KYC RBA framework to document what they have done and to show they have not only collected data but also analysed it. Outsourcing, some services (usually TA) doesn’t change this, as the firms need to monitor delegated functions with a similar approach.

How does Cascade help?

By structuring the data, digitalizing your AML KYC procedure and formalising the RBA process in an easy-to-follow manner, the user is guided through the steps that are needed: gathering and linking documentation, identifying the Beneficial Owners, analysing the country risk, completing a transaction questionnaire etc… in order to reach a final decision in terms of the risk exposure and therefore whether enhanced or other due diligence should be applied. Further, the platform allows the users to document the analysis performed, an element stressed by the CSSF. The result being a centralised database which can be used to demonstrate to the authorities that their guidance has been followed and the firm has fulfilled their reglementary obligations.

This brand voice was first published in the VC Guide 2022

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