An Appetite For Networking At First Founders Club’s Site Visit

Startups revealed: founders shed light on their struggles and journeys in first Silicon Luxembourg survey (Photo: Stephanie Jabardo / Silicon Luxembourg)

Foozo set the bar high when it hosted the inaugural founders’ visit on 25 November. Some 40 people attended the event in the Foozo facility in Luxembourg-Hamm where they were given a tour and presentation.

Foozo, which was founded in 2016 as Grouplunch, is as of today the largest restaurants delivery platform in the country within the “food at work” market for lunch. It also operates as a ghost kitchen, preparing and delivering varied, high-quality lunches to customers, caterings to corporate clients, while also providing delivery logistics solutions for partners. Since the start of the covid-19 pandemic it has also developed a new B2B revenue stream through the development of its “Foozo Market – Intelligent fridges” service, a full-service product based on the constant restocking of high-tech fridges and constant monitoring of stocks live, to serve food to staff at customer companies.

During a hot and cold lunch prepared by the Foozo kitchen, CEO Pierre V. Pereira da Silva, COO Raphael Rosenberg and production director Pascal Henrot, who formerly headed several 2 and 3 Michelin-starred restaurants, talked about the scale-up’s journey, notably the challenges of the pandemic.

Pierre V. Pereira da Silva said: “We had to move very fast. I think we launched 15 products in six weeks trying to find one that worked ​​[…] The good news is that we created products that are really powerful.”

The founder’s visit series was inspired by a prior visit to the hub by Silicon Luxembourg founder Charles-Louis Machuron.

“After discovering Foozo’s facility and story, I thought we should bring other people, to go behind the scenes of a logistics/food scale up, to learn what it takes to manage a company from a garage,” Machuron said, adding: “I was very impressed by the diversity of people attending. We had CEOs of corporate companies, startup founders and people from the ecosystem. Bringing all of these people together for two hours like this was a real lunch and learn.”

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