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An efficient and secure ICT environment, entirely free for Luxembourg startups

CMD.solutions offers its IT services free to all ICT startups based in Luxembourg both pre-launch and during their first year. With the CMD.ventures offer, young entrepreneurs can focus entirely on successfully executing their projects.

A completely free toolkit

Launched last fall, the young company is directly focused on the needs of small and micro businesses and offers a complete pay per use ICT solution. “With our cloud offer, a startup does not need to invest in local infrastructure or use many different public clouds abroad to satisfy all of its needs. Instead, it benefits from a single secure solution that can evolve according to its needs, with the guarantee that its data will remain hosted in the Grand Duchy. We will soon get the Made in Luxembourg label,” added Jerry Wagner, also a Managing Partner at CMD.solutions.

A startup founder who uses CMD.solutions has a complete ICT environment right from the beginning. “For example, for a startup still in its gestation phase, we can reserve one or more domain names, activate a website and create professional email addresses,” said Lekens.

“Staying true to our model, which is to say to our customers ‘focus on your business, we manage your IT,’ we decided to go a step further, offering all of our services for free to all people who have the will to create a startup here in Luxembourg.”

Flexible service and high quality

Besides access to virtualized servers, startups also benefit from having access to all of their data, anytime and anywhere in the world through the CMD.box solution. “Our commitment is to provide solutions that are tailored to our customers’ needs and to support our customers in the long run by providing flexible service and high quality. We can very well imagine implementing an ERP through which a startup could develop its business plan or a light CRM solution when the need arises,” added Wagner.

Thanks to the experts at CMD.solutions, entrepreneurs can devote themselves entirely to developing their ideas and launching their projects since they don’t have to worry about managing their startups’ IT. Having a company email address, which CMD.solutions can quickly set up, allows startup founders to exchange information securely and professionally with partners, business angels and banks. Finally, the OPEX offer gives startup founders an affordable and flexible ICT infrastructure that grows with their business needs and helps them save their capital and financing for use on other aspects of their businesses.

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