ANote Music Partners With Japan’s Royalty Bank

ANote Music is a marketplace that enables publishers, record labels, and artists to sell music rights to individuals, introducing them to a new financing system. With less than one year on the market, they announce a bold expansion plan.

When we analyse successful business stories, it is common to realise that two questions, in some everyday situation, pop up onto someone’s mind: “I wish it were possible to…” By that, we mean anything – not needing a horse to go somewhere, having a personal computer at home, access any music without physical media, and we can go on and on. The other question is, “How can I make this happen?” That is the tricky question, considering the execution part is where most ideas die.

With ANote Music, the first question emerged while the founders Marzio Schena and Matteo Cernuschi watched the Sanremo festival, and they wished for the possibility to invest in music royalties as individuals. It was 2018, and you can read the entire story here.

What happened next was the opposite of the normal flow: Instead of conforming with the impossibility, Marzio and Matteo decided to move forward and make it happen. During the business development, they met their third co-founder and now CTO Grégoire Mathonet, who had the mission to develop a platform integrated with blockchain technology.

ANote Music had its launch in July 2020, supported by the Technoport incubator, Luxinnovation, the Ministry of Economy and the LHoFT. Now, with less than one year on the market, they announced their expansion to Asia through its inaugural joint venture with Royalty Bank, Japan’s first royalties transaction brokerage. A bold and promising move into a new era, where anyone can invest and finance music, generate passive income and become a part of a multibillionaire industry.

“This is a major step in contributing to the evolution of the music industry.”

Ryuichi Sasaki

The partnership between ANote Music and Japan’s Royalty Bank goes further than an expansion project, and it has three phases of implementation. For a start, the new Royalty Bank’s website will link back to ANote Music’s platform, allowing Japanese investors and music enthusiasts to access the ANote Music catalogues of European music royalties.

The second phase, to be implemented later this year, will be the launch of the ‘Royalty Bank Trading Platform”, powered by ANote Music. The purpose is to provide access to Japanese music catalogues as well, but also comics and animation, which shows that there’s a blue ocean to explore regarding royalties’ investments.

The third phase is the full interconnectivity between Royalty Bank’s platform and ANote’s core global platform, allowing European investors access to auctions for Japanese assets and vice versa, allowing Japanese investors access to European auctions and trades.

Ryuichi Sasaki, CEO of Royalty Bank, said: “This is a major step in contributing to the evolution of the music industry. Both Royalty Bank and ANote Music will further boost the value of music in the digital age.”

We don’t know how that new way of royalties transactions will change the industry. Still, we can expect some possible outcomes, such as more transparency on the market, the rise of hidden talents and, of course, a more diversified range of products reaching the public.

It’s a start, and we can’t wait to see what comes next.

Author: Gabriela Besen Pedroso, Content Strategy Manager at HostPapa

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