Arch Summit 2018: Financing Female Empowerment With Whoopi Goldberg’s Award

Tomorrow Street, the innovation center and joint venture between Vodafone and Technoport, will hold its first annual Arch Summit on the 3rd and 4th of May in Luxembourg. The Summit will, among other things, offer over €250,000 in funding to award-winning participants. One of these awards will go to a Female in Tech who embodies female empowerment.

The award takes the name of Whoopi Goldberg. CEO of Tomorrow Street, Warrick Cramer, explained that “having won and Oscar, a Tony, an Emmy, and a Grammy, Whoopi is an unprecedented source of motivation for people everywhere. As the first woman ever to host the Academy Awards solo, she has broken barriers and continues to inspire the next generation of female leaders.”

“It truly is an honor having my name associated with this award—Whoopi Goldberg Female Empowerment Award,” said Whoopi. “For me, female empowerment has never been about making women stronger. Instead, it’s about making people see the strength that is already there. Tomorrow Street and the Arch Summit recognized this difference.”

In addition to awards, the Arch Summit opens the stage for startups to share their solutions. It’ll be an impressive audience composed of decision makers from across Europe, with over €1 trillion in corporate power. Thousands of decision makers from Vodafone and over 10 thousand of its suppliers, over 600 purchasing specialists, investors from Tomorrow Street’s global VC network, and public-sector reps from the Grand Duchy and the Europe will all be present. The Arch Summit is not to be missed.

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