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Asset Management And Big Data: New Performance Drivers

SESAMm is an innovative FinTech startup providing Big Data indicators and analytics based on social media data. Our startup is growing as an R&D laboratory specializing in the development of applications dedicated to asset management and more widely, the financial sector. The startup is organizing a conference on Asset Management and Big Data on September 15. (Featured image: Sylvain Forte, Pierre Rinaldi, and Florian Aubry, SESAMm co-founders)

What is the purpose of your startup?

SESAMM develops innovative algorithms of Big Data analysis of social networks based on its stock market sentiment extraction technology and language analysis. We provide banks and hedge funds effective trading indicators for various sectors to allow to significantly increase the equity market performance.

Our team develops stock market forecasting tools based on social media and other textual data sources. We capture millions of data points from social networks, blogs and forums. After processing, this data allows us to know in real time the emotions of market players.

This analysis allows us to develop reliable indicators for banks and hedge funds in order to help them improve their understanding of markets and create new trading strategies. When behavioral factors play an important role in market trends, we provide indicators that are differentiating, non correlated from existing benchmarks and highly efficient.

We are a team of engineers and scientists with years of experience in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing and quantitative analysis.

On September 15th you organize a unique conference in Luxembourg. What is the topic?

Big Data is one of the main IT-related challenges of the current decade. It brings with it exciting new developments in numerous sectors, including asset management. To better understand this shift, the challenges it brings and the opportunities it reveals, we are cordially inviting clients and partners to our first event on “Asset Management and Big Data”.

Who will be your guests and speakers?

We are delighted to have a wide range of speakers. Erick Brethenoux from IBM WATSON will broached the subject of the implications of artificial intelligence on financial services. Then, Angela Sutan, Research Director at the Laboratory for Experimentation in Social Sciences and Consumer Behaviour will talk about the systematic errors the behavorial finance could avoid. We also have the chance to welcome Karin Schintgen from BGL BNP Paribas for a presentation about the links between Asset Management and Fintech. Emmanuelle Ragot, Partner at Wildgen Partners in Law will then introduce the notion of intellectual property in asset management. Finally, Sylvain Forte, Co-founder and President of SESAMm will share his opinion on the way trends in financial markets could be predicted by analyzing feelings using Big Data. What a line-up, isn’t it?

What are their backgrounds?

To name a few, Erick Brethenoux is leading the strategy and vision for IBM Business Analytics. He leads the Customer Analytics, Decision Management and Analytics Inside initiatives across IBM software, hardware, services and research organizations. Erick has published extensively in the domains of artificial intelligence systems, system sciences, applied mathematics, complex systems and cybernetics. He has held various academic positions at the University of Delaware and the Polytechnic School of Africa in Gabon.

While, Angela Sutan holds an accreditation to supervise research, from University of Montpelier. She has written a thesis in Social Economics at Strasbourg University. For this thesis, she won the academy’s best thesis award. She joined Burgundy School of Business in 2005 and opened the first Social Sciences laboratory in a Business School in France. She won the pedagogical innovation’s award of French business schools for her works in 2009.

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