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Awesome​ ​Intern​ ​Wanted (m/f) | Yotako

Internship​ ​Overview

We are looking for a cutting-edge intern developer who is willing to take responsibility in a powerful startup environment. Your responsibility is to develop and enhance our innovative technology ​in ​close  cooperation ​with ​the ​current ​team ​and ​the ​open-source ​community.

This involves among others contributing to the Yotako technology by developing Javascipt modules that will automatically translate design files into code. As an intern, you will be fully integrated to our development team. It is a unique opportunity to be part of a growing team (professional career) and a big success story.

Goals ​of ​the ​internship
  • Experience ​the ​life ​of ​a ​start-up
  • Acquire advanced knowledge in Javascript (module patterns, testing framework), use parsing libraries ​and ​master ​git ​in ​a ​real ​project
  • Develop ​your ​team ​spirit ​by ​joining ​an ​inclusive ​development ​team
  • Learn ​and ​innovate ​in ​a ​friendly ​atmosphere
Your ​tasks
  • Step ​1: ​Acquire ​working ​knowledge ​about ​Javascript ​related ​technologies.
  • Step ​2: ​State ​of ​the ​art ​of ​parsing ​libraries ​for ​several ​design ​formats.
  • Step ​3: ​Developing ​your ​own ​Javascript ​modules ​to ​transform ​design ​into ​internal ​formats.
  • Step ​4: ​Testing ​and ​implementation ​with ​the ​development ​team.
  • Step ​5: ​Time ​to ​prepare ​the ​internship ​report.
The ​perfect ​match
  • Previous ​experience ​with ​Javascript ​(ideally ​with ​MV* ​frameworks)
  • You ​know ​that ​mocha ​is ​not ​just ​a ​type ​of ​coffee ​and ​chai ​not ​just ​tea
  • You ​have ​experience ​with ​automation ​tools ​like ​Gulp, ​Webpack, ​Grunt ​or ​Yeoman
  • The ​quality ​of ​your ​code ​is ​important ​to ​you
  • You ​have ​experience ​using ​GIT
  • You possess good language skills in English. Any additional language is highly appreciated
  • A ​strong ​experience ​with ​Nerfs ​is ​a ​plus ​(https://goo.gl/SFG7uM)
  • Bonus: ​You ​are ​a ​real ​programmer ​(https://xkcd.com/378/)
Our ​offer
  • You ​will ​become ​part ​of ​a ​highly ​motivated ​and ​professional ​interdisciplinary ​team ​of development, ​user ​experience, ​research, ​marketing ​and ​operations ​experts
  • You ​can ​grow ​with ​a ​high ​degree ​of ​freedom, ​with ​a ​unique ​chance ​of ​driving ​the international ​growth ​with ​your ​own ​ideas ​and ​creativity
  • Flexible ​working ​time ​including ​remote
  • Free ​choice ​of ​equipment ​and ​operating ​system
  • Experience ​and ​shape ​a ​communicative, ​creative ​and ​stimulating ​working ​environment
  • Paid ​internship
About ​Yotako

Yotako is an awarded startup changing the way web and mobile apps are created today. With a
mixed team of scientific and industrial backgrounds, we aim to contribute to the future of the
web. Our main scientific expert, based in Luxembourg, has contributed to the top international
projects in his field and has been involved in international research projects for the last 7 years.
Our ​community ​currently ​includes ​companies ​and ​developers ​from ​all ​over ​the ​world.

Interested? ​Say ​hi! ​at hireme@yotako.io

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