AXA Luxembourg Launches A Medical Teleconsultation Service

To support the efforts of Luxembourg’s Government and the use of teleconsultation, AXA Luxembourg is launching a medical teleconsultation service 7 days a week, from 9am to 5pm.
by: Silicon Luxembourg
photo: National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

If they have a medical question, clients can consult a doctor in Luxembourg via a laptop or the screen of their smartphone and, if necessary, obtain a prescription. This service will be completely free of charge for AXA Luxembourg customers for the next few months until the end of the health crisis.

There are no consultation fees to pay as is the case on other platforms, the service and consultation are fully paid for by AXA Luxembourg for all its clients insured by health, car or home insurance. The consultation takes place as an in-office consultation: the doctor gives advice, makes a diagnosis and/or redirects the patient to a specialist or the emergency services. The doctor may be required to write a prescription that is e-mailed to the client.

Digital consultations comply with all protocols and approvals that apply to physical consultations. The primary objective is to provide an initial medical opinion and to inform on the measures to be taken according to the patient’s case.

“In the current circumstances, we believe it is essential to offer services that enable our clients to better cope with the situation. As soon as Luxembourg’s government made its announcements, AXA’s teams in Luxembourg have embarked on a race against time to offer teleconsulting to our clients as soon as possible, taking advantage of the experience and solutions of AXA Partners, an AXA Group entity dedicated to building tailor-made solutions combining insurance and assistance.

“We are proud to be able to offer this online medical consultation platform free of charge to 120,000 beneficiary policyholders, in order to fight this virus together. Teleconsultation plays a key role in this epidemic to promote access to healthcare for all and limit contagiousness. In this way, we’ve assumed our social responsibility and aim to make a very concrete contribution to this situation,” says Marie-Hélène Massard, CEO of the AXA entities in Luxembourg.

To offer this service, AXA Luxembourg uses the video medical teleconsultation service and the network of doctors offered by AXA Partners. This innovative service has already proven its worth in France and Belgium. Since its launch, more than 30,000 French clients have requested a teleconsultation. 6,000 of them were for children. Of the patients who have used the service, 95% are satisfied with the experience and say they will use the service again.

No medical data is recorded on this teleconferencing platform. The content of the teleconsultations is subject to medical secrecy in the context of the doctor-patient relationship and is in no way shared with AXA Luxembourg.

The content of this press release reflects only the opinion of the author, AXA Luxembourg.

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