BeAngels Spreads Its Wings In Luxembourg And Brings New Financing Possibilities

Claire Munck, CEO of BeAngels (Photo © BeAngels)

BeAngels, the Belgian network of business angels is opening a Luxembourg Chapter for which it aims to recruit 100 new members within the next two years. With the launch of a new investment group in January 2022 and the digitalisation of its networking services, BeAngels hopes to become a more active participant in the local ecosystem and wishes to offer local startups more possibilities of additional financing.

Getting a startup off the ground takes a lot of hard work, good leadership, and, most importantly, enough capital. In the early stages of their development, business angels are often key to providing this capital.

As is the case with BeAngels, business angels tend to operate in networks of like-minded individuals. With 20 years of experience and nearly 400 members, BeAngels counts among the biggest European networks of business angels.

With the recent digitalisation of their networking services, allowing their newly recruited Luxembourgish investors to participate in pitching events from abroad, BeAngels takes an important step towards expanding its presence in the Luxembourg ecosystem.

“As a Belgian resident in Luxembourg for around fifteen years, I see the government’s efforts and investments aimed at providing young creative startups with the best possible environment in which to grow. I am convinced that, step-by-step and in alignment with the all the actors in the ecosystem, BeAngels will be able to modestly participate in this major project,” adds Benjamin Tillier, the Luxembourg Chapter Lead.

“The members will each invest €15K in three Belgian and/or Luxembourg projects over a one-year period.”

Claire Munck

A Shared History

Having already supported Luxembourg-based startups such as Yokato, and Passbolt, which just raised two million euros, BeAngel’s members are already familiar with the Luxembourg ecosystem.

However, the launch of their new chapter is not only reflective of their past involvement in Luxembourg, but also of the recent growth and dynamic potential of the ecosystem.

“We have had contacts with the Luxembourg ecosystem for many years and we are delighted to observe that it is increasingly dynamic and supports the development of particularly innovative and ambitious companies, which, of course, the business angels are pleased about,” says Claire Munck, CEO of BeAngels.

A New Investment Group

In January 2022, a new investment group consisting of 20 Luxembourg-based members will be launched. The members will each invest €15K in three Belgian and/or Luxembourg projects over a one-year period.

The fifteenth investment group created by BeAngels since 2013, the group’s members will all receive training in eight different modules as well as mentoring from coaches.

With a few remaining spots, interested parties can still join the group. To participate at the launch event on December 9 at House 17, check out their website.

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