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Beyond Nutrition is a young Luxembourg based startup producing innovative and high-quality sports and nutrition supplements. We met Yves Schmit, the founder of the startup to discuss sports and healthy nutrition.

A one-man story

The whole story started in May 2017. Beyond Nutrition is born out of passion for healthy lifestyle and sport. “During my studies, I worked as a certified fitness trainer and also in a nutrition shop, selling sport supplement. I was secretly dreaming of having my own firm!” said the founder. And the dream became reality.

Working today as IT manager at Post, he had the sufficient investment to start writing its own story. “Creating my brand was the only way to realize my expectations and implement my philosophy on what sport and food supplements should look like” explained Yves.

“We mainly focus on German speaking countries such as Austria, Luxembourg and Germany”.

A long-regulated road

Before the actual production of the supplements, the startupper had to do extensive researches on EU regulations. “You cannot wake up one day and decide to create a nutrition supplement brand! There are tons of criteria around labelling of food that need to be taken into account. It is tough because each country has its own regulation” told the founder. Hence, some references are simply forbidden not to create a confusion with medical products, that nutrition supplements are not.

With no possibility to manufacture his products in Luxembourg, the young startupper chose to turn to Germany, a market he knew well as he first worked there. “On top of my work experience, Germany is the biggest market in the EU for nutrition supplements! This was just good sense to produce and sell from there” said the founder. All the labelling on the products are therefore in German only. “With that constraint, we mainly focus on German speaking countries such as Austria, Luxembourg and Germany”.

The first product was launched in September 2018, with now three health supplement products, dedicated for any customers’ general welfare, proposed online, on Amazon. A fourth product, a sport supplement to enhance endurance of athletes, has been developed and will be soon produced by the startup.

“It was essential for us to receive the Vegan label from the International Vegan Society.”

High-quality and vegan products

As a personal user of supplement nutrition products for quite a long time, the founder was facing limited choices with bad qualities ingredients. Beyond Nutrition stands to make the difference, with one goal: create product with intelligence, by combining plant powder, vitamins and minerals to reproduce the synergy that you would find in natural food.

Keeping that goal in mind, the three pillars of Beyond Nutrition are the use of natural materials, constant innovation and transparency towards customers, notably by making laboratory experiences on their product’s public information.

One proud achievement for the startupper is the green V leaf, symbol of the Vegan trademark, affixed on each of his products. “It was essential for us to receive the Vegan label from the International Vegan Society. Our targeted clients, aged between 20 to 40 years old, are well aware of what they eat, therefore it was important to use only plant based, and no animal components.”

On top of such certification, the German supplier produces according to good quality standards, such as the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).

Photo: Yves Schmit, Founder of Beyond Nutrition © Beyond Nutrition

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