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BIL Is Launching Its New myHOME Service In Partnership With Startup Nexvia

In keeping with its commitment to innovation, BIL is launching my|HOME, a property website. Supported by the technology and expertise of Luxembourg startup Nexvia, BIL is offering its clients an innovative, comprehensive service with home buying decision tools that are unparalleled in the marketplace.
(Featured Image, from left to right: Olivier Debehogne, BIL’s Head of Retail and Digital Banking, Hugues Delcourt, BIL’s CEO), Pierre-Olivier Rotheval, BIL’s Head of Innovation, and Pierre Clement, Nexvia’s Founder and Managing Director / Image Credit: Olivier Minaire)

Investing in real estate is a complex project, whether for families seeking to buy their own home or for individuals wanting to invest in order to let out their property. There are many aspects to be taken into account, such as whether it’s better to rent or to buy, financing options, monthly charges and, of course, the property itself, its size and location. To help prospective home buyers make the right decision, BIL is now offering my|HOME, an innovative, user-friendly online service designed by Nexvia.

“We are always on the lookout for new ideas to enhance our range of services and improve the client experience. We were attracted by Nexvia’s positioning at the crossroads of technology, finance and property”, explained Pierre-Olivier Rotheval, Head of Innovation at Banque Internationale à Luxembourg. “Thanks to our partnerships with Technoport and nyuko, we are immersed in the Luxembourg startup ecosystem. We finance these companies when we consider that the project is sound. As bankers, that’s what we do. And when the service is relevant for our clients, we do not hesitate to take our collaboration to the next level. Innovation is very much at the heart of our BIL2020 strategy”.

Nexvia, a Luxembourg startup launched in 2016 by Pierre Clement, specialises in residential property decision-making, transaction and investment consultancy services. Its ambition is to provide the best financial tools to enable users to make well-informed property decisions, while offering a modern transaction experience for buyers and sellers alike.

“Nexvia is delighted to have this opportunity to collaborate with a bank such as BIL, which is a key player in the local marketplace, and to offer its clients comprehensive, transparent tools through my|HOME. BIL is an institution that is firmly focused on the future and ready to work actively with a startup to provide a unique digital property experience. Moreover, this partnership with Nexvia demonstrates the relevance and professionalism of the solutions and services offered by our team” added Pierre Clement, founder and Managing Director of Nexvia.

The many user-friendly simulation tools available on my|HOME enable users to get a clearer picture of their project and reach the most suitable property decision on the basis of their personal criteria. This new website is further proof of BIL’s capacity to innovate to provide its clients with a service and financing solutions tailored to their needs.

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