Bird Lands In Luxembourg

Bird, the electric scooter sharing company, is today launching in Luxembourg. Bird brings an affordable, environmentally friendly transportation solution to the city in a bid to cut down car journeys. From today between 7 am to 9 pm people will be able to find, and book a scooter from the Bird app.
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featured: Bird’s scooters are now available in Luxembourg City

Bird has been expanding in service in Europe over the last year and has been delighted with how locals have taken to the service. Bird is helping to solve ‘the last mile’ problem, where journeys are too short for public transport to be efficient but too long to walk. Many of these journeys have traditionally taken place in cars adding to congestion and carbon emissions. Bird is giving people an environmentally friendly alternative to taking a car.

“We’re really excited to be launching today and look forward to working with the city to help reduce unnecessary car trips.”

Safety is a top priority for Bird, and we have a number of policies and initiatives to make sure Bird remains a positive addition to the transport mix. We require all riders to confirm they are over 18 before they can ride. All riders consent to a safety agreement with Bird, and those who do not act responsibly can be banned from the app. Bird will remove all the scooters from the streets at night and will only increase the number of available scooters when there is enough demand for them.

“One of the biggest issues modern cities face is increasing congestion and decreasing air quality. Bird’s mission is to help solve these problems by getting people out of cars and onto environmentally friendly sharable electric scooters. Luxembourg City is one of the most beautiful in Europe and we want to keep it that way by not only helping to remove cars, but also making sure our scooters do not create clutter. We’re really excited to be launching today and look forward to working with the city to help reduce unnecessary car trips,” said Jonatan de Boer, General Manager for Bird in Luxembourg.

How it works:
  • Download the Bird app onto your smartphone and create an account (you will need to add your driving licence to verify your age)
  • Open the app and find go to the nearest Bird
  • Scan the code on top of the Bird to unlock it and start your trip
  • Enjoy the ride
  • When you’ve reached your destination, leave the Bird in a responsible place (not blocking pavements or other public spaces) and end the trip in the app

The article is sponsored by Bird and reflects only the opinion of the author.

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