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Barbara Strozzilaan 201
1083HN Amsterdam



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Capital Stock:

Volta Ventures, KBC Focus Fund, Dutch Founders Fund

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Bernadette Wijnings, CFO



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Field of activity:

RegTech, WealthTech, KYC, PMS

Elevator Pitch:

Our manifesto.

The world of finance is heading towards the future at dizzying speed. Digital services have shifted from being a ​‘nice-to-have’ to a ​‘must-have’. Techno-optimists are preaching the gospel of Artificial Intelligence. Robo-advisors are popping up like coffee bars in a gentrified neighborhood. And digital technology leads to ​‘financial inclusion’: it increases efficiency, reduces complexity and lowers costs, encouraging consumers to demand more bang for their buck.

It looks like humans will be completely replaced by robots in finance. But at Blanco, we don’t think so. Although significant change in our industry is inevitable and technology seems to have the upper hand at this, we believe the human factor will always remain crucial in our industry. Self-driving Tesla’s still require a human in the driver’s seat for when things go haywire, don’t they?

At Blanco, we firmly believe in the symbiosis between mankind and machine. Technology brings efficiency and lowers costs, while people will always bring trust and empathy to the table.

That’s why we’re developing fintech solutions that save time and money, but that incorporates the human factor as well: instead of being imposed on people, our technology serves people. It’s always fully white-labeled, and we’re thinking carefully about how our software can work as seamlessly as possible with the software that our customers are already using.

All this leads to financial inclusion: Blanco makes asset management products more accessible than ever. Our technology enables you to fully focus on your clients again. After all, it’s not about us or our technology, but about people: it’s about you and your clients.

We are Blanco. Your invisible force in fintech.


Our Banking Platform for wealth and asset managers automates the full asset management cycle.

That’s right: from client onboarding to securities administration and reporting: Blanco is your ready-to-use, cloud-based SaaS banking platform that takes care of it all. Our technology makes asset management less complex, more efficient and more cost effective as a result.

See our banking platform as your own Robo-advisor, but you’re still the one making all the investment decisions for your clients. We believe financial services can’t do without human trust and empathy. In our tech dominated future, Blanco helps you to stay competitive.

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