Book your next medical visit with your iPhone proudly announced today the launch of its first native iPhone app. This release follows the global trend of patients going mobile.

« Almost a third of all patients want to use their smartphones to book an appointment with a doctor. The majority of smartphones used in Luxembourg are still iPhones. » says Patrick Kersten, founder of Doctena. « This app is going to make it easier to book a medical visit whilst on the move. »

The app is useful for searching doctors and looking up their next availabilities. A couple of taps and your requested slot will be confirmed. Your medical appointment is booked.

The geolocalisation technology allows Doctena to show you the closed doctors. This way the patient will always find the shortest way to a healthcare treatment.

The free Doctena application is available for download on the Apple App Store.

What is

On you will find 1.500 available slots for a medical visit in the next 7 days.

The website is the first doctor appointment platform of Luxembourg. Since its launch in Septembre 2013, thousands medical visits have been organised in Luxembourg through the platform.

The patient has access to over 100 active doctos in Luxembourg, representing 19 different specialities and speaking 20 different languages. There is a large choice of english speaking doctors. Being able to filter doctors by language spoken is very appreciated by the international community living in Luxembourg.

Who is Doctena?

The mission of Doctena is to help patients get a doctor appointment, by using the newest technologies and helping doctors reduce the administrative tasks allotted to their medical teams.

Doctena s.a. is a ‘société anonyme’ under the management of a local team with Patrick Kersten at its front.

Patrick Kersten is well known for having launched several major websites in Luxembourg. He contributed to the launch of – an online job boardbefore creating – the leading real estate website of Luxembourg – and managing until 2012.

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