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#BusinessMentoring: 4 Questions For Claude Faber

Don’t miss the second edition of the conference “How startup CEOs can benefit from mentor’s experience” on May 16 in Luxembourg, co-organized by BusinessMentoring association and Silicon Luxembourg. We reached out a mentor, Claude Faber, CEO of Optimise to learn more about his entrepreneurial journey.
How did you get started?

With 22 years of management experience, including projects with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, I embarked on entrepreneurship at the age of 49 and with family responsibilities. My strong conviction in “executive transition management” – the three words in a structured and innovative offer in Luxembourg – was the main source of the necessary energy.

What was the most significant experience for you?

After being very enthusiastic about the project at the beginning, I realized that starting a company is not so easy and had to re-evaluate the project and how I would go about it. It was very instructive from a human and professional point of view to have to apply to my own business measures that are part of the arsenal implemented by my clients.

What lessons have you learned from your entrepreneurial journey? Could you give us one or two?

Combining sincere listening with beliefs and preferences, taking calculated risks, determination in effort, obsession with implementation and ambitious professionalism, acceptance of failure, reasonable optimism, perseverance and human respect are the ingredients needed for entrepreneurial happiness and a fulfilling professional life.

What are the 3 keys to success for you?

Thinking outside the box, being obsessed with the implementation of decisions taken, and avoiding disrespectful and unprofessional behavior, as well as senseless materialism.

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