Businesses Of All Sizes Flourish In Luxembourg… And Beyond

Startup founders with high ambitions aim for the big picture and once solid local foundations have revealed successful, they are heading for international expansion.

However, going global takes more than settling your brand name in another country and can be both daunting and rewarding.

If you wish to expand your startup to the neighbouring markets, there is an entire ecosystem ready to help.

The House of Startups and its flagship project EU-TRIBE, sponsored by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and supported by the Ministry of the Greater Region, is gathering major actors sharing their views on international collaboration.

On April 26th, startups are invited to EU-TRIBE’s Cross-border Workshop featuring decision-makers and business cases from Luxembourg and the Greater Region, who will share their insights on internationalisation.

Keynote speakers Corinne Cahen (Minister for Family Affairs and Integration and Minister for the Greater Region), Lilla Merabet (Vice-President, Region Grand Est, Lead on Innovation and Digital Transformation) and Carlo Thelen (Director General of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce) will represent the converging streams of Luxembourg’s ambition to firmly position itself on the European entrepreneurial scene and to federate key players from the Greater Region dedicated to technology and innovation.

The panel will be followed by a roundtable of startups who already took up the challenge to go global. They will share testimonies of a rocking, yet profitable experience.
Expanding your business requires strategic planning and some crucial questions should be addressed in order to avoid pitfalls.

To name a few: Is that specific market familiar with your product? Which cultural factors should be considered? What does the infrastructure look like? Is there any public financing available?

“By joining forces and coming together via EU-TRIBE, there is a real opportunity to build a larger innovation ecosystem.”

This workshop will also highlight the importance of a project like EU-TRIBE and how its members can guide startups throughout their entrepreneurial journey.

EU-TRIBE is a cross-border network of incubators, accelerators, and innovation hubs of the Greater Region aiming at creating synergies of 4 European markets (Luxembourg, Rhineland Palatinate, Saarland, Lorraine, and Wallonia).

Together, the Greater Region represents a technological megalopolis of 11 million inhabitants, including over thousand startups, within a radius of about one hour drive.

It already gives you a preview of the endless economic perspectives to be explored.

“By joining forces and coming together via EU-TRIBE, there is a real opportunity to build a larger innovation ecosystem, whose size and critical mass can make a major difference for entrepreneurs wishing to expand in the secure environment of neighbouring markets” says Philippe Linster.

To register to EU-TRIBE’s Cross-Border Workshop on “How to Expand Your Startup to the Neighbouring Market”:

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