Car Sharing And Solo Trip Service LetzRide Launches

LetzRide launch ceremony. (© Fleet Lab)

Fleet Lab inaugurated on 18 June its transport service, LetzRide, which will offer car sharing and solo rides 24/7 anywhere in Luxembourg. Transport companies Sales-Lentz, Demy Schandeler, and Josy Clement are among the venture’s partners.

The service, developed in Luxembourg, will allow customers to make reservations via an app up to 24 hours ahead of their trip. At first, only shared rides will be on offer, for which Sales-Lentz, Demy Schandeler, and Josy Clement will offer their vans. Solo trips will be made available later via a private taxi company.

Fleet Lab will look to insert itself in a niche with certain time slots and certain connections in the country not being serviced sufficiently despite Luxembourg’s free public transportation. The service will not require any subscription, and clients will be made aware of the price they will have to pay for their trip after they make their reservation.

“The LetzRide platform is the result of major investment in research and development, as we were not able to simply take an existing technical base and run with it. We wanted to offer an optimal interconnection solution for our mobility partners in Luxembourg while taking into account the very specific requirements of our future customers when it comes to planning their individual or collective mobility.”

Rudi Bringtown, Head of Product & Service de LetzRide.

Mobility and public works minister Yuriko Backes expressed her support for LetzRide at the inauguration, which took place in Kirchberg restaurant Mama Shelter. She highlighted the importance of having multiple options when it comes to transportation as well as the need to evolve.

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