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CBN Technologies Internationalizes Its Activities From Luxembourg

Dieter Horn is the CEO and founder of CBN Technologies. Dieter shared with us some insights about the company he currently leads and how InnoHub has helped him to accelerate his business.
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Who are you? What does your company do?

I am the CEO of CBN Technologies. We are a young Luxembourgish software development company that works in the field of Industry 4.0. Since 1992 we have been working on Management Information Systems (MIS) over our Austrian company Rogler, and in 2016 we decided to move all our operations to Luxembourg in order to internationalize our business activities, thus creating CBN Technologies.

Today, we are a recognized market player in the field of process digitalization and automatization as we have already realized about 100 installations in nine European countries. We offer many flexible and tailor-made solutions for our clients that want to automate processes. A good example is the flexible cost calculation based on performance catalogues, control of intra-logistics, electronic scheduling or monitoring solutions.

Initially your company started in Austria, why did you decide to come to Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is a great place to internationalize and we were surprised by Luxembourg’s RDI framework, which supports our intentions to develop game changing innovation.

As you have already collaborated with the soft landing platform and accelerator InnoHub Luxembourg, could you share your experience?

InnoHub is like the German Autobahn and allowed us to accelerate our activities and planned undertakings. We were able to rapidly access a vast network of competent partners and clients, which was crucial for our development. InnoHub is also a great resource for an assistance in business development activities, giving advice on strategic innovation, and figuring out how to access markets effectively.

What is your advice for other entrepreneurs who intend to accelerate their business?

Contact InnoHub ☺

A statement that you want to share with Luxembourg?

Start small, think big!


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