Celebrating A Decade Of Cocottes

Cocottes team 10-year anniversary celebration (© Cocottes).

Through dedication to customers, local partnerships, and innovative culinary practices, Cocottes continues to thrive and expand, representing a decade of growth and success.

What sets Cocottes apart is its exceptional commitment to quality and community. The emphasis on using local ingredients ensures freshness and supports local producers. Additionally, the company’s strong focus on customer satisfaction and personalized service, combined with its active involvement in community initiatives and sustainability efforts, creates a unique brand offering that resonates with clients. 

Building loyal customer relationships

One of the key factors behind Cocottes’ success has been its dedication to customer satisfaction. Over the past 10 years, Cocottes has built a loyal customer base by prioritizing customer satisfaction as a cornerstone of success. The company consistently receives positive feedback from customers in the shop, through emails, and on social networks, reflecting their appreciation for the warm welcome and high-quality products.

“We receive comments directly in the shop, through emails, and on social networks. It’s heartwarming to know our customers appreciate the welcome they receive and the quality of our products, our customers are deeply ingrained within our DNA,” said Bollaro. 

“It’s been a memorable ten years. We really seek to have an irreproachable service, to be polite, to really pamper customers. It’s really the human aspect that is a part of our company and we receive more and more comments on it, telling us how enjoyable everything is.”

Valentine Bollaro, marketing, communication, and business development coordinator at Cocottes.

Community engagement and sustainability

Cocottes’ values extend beyond excellent customer service to active community involvement and sustainability. Their use of local products, such as flour from the nearby mills of Kleinbettingen, not only promotes and helps local businesses, but displays a commitment to high-quality ingredients of the supply chain. Cocottes places a strong emphasis on supporting the local community and sustainability. ”One of our points that also makes us very proud, we notice that customers are increasingly committed to the environment and it’s really a point on which we work. We try to use as many local products as possible. All unsold recipes are transferred to Luxembourg associations to help those in need,” said Bollaro. 

They prioritize using local products in their recipes and ensure that all unsold items are donated to Luxembourg associations to aid those in need. This commitment to social responsibility extends to their collaboration with ADEM, through which Cocottes supports local employment and apprenticeship programs. 

Ten years of adaptation

Over the past decade, Cocottes has adeptly adapted to changing food trends and customer preferences. “We regularly ask customers for feedback and adjust our recipes accordingly,” said Bollaro. This customer-centric approach has led to the introduction of more vegetarian, plant-based, gluten-free, and lactose-free options, catering to the diverse needs of their clientele.

Some of clients’ favorites over the years, according to their back-end metrics have been the cobb salad, the butter chicken, Italian chicken sandwich, and the chocolate mousse. Despite these enduring classics, Cocottes continuously innovates with seasonal and creative recipes, thanks to their dedicated research and development department, which is constantly searching for new recipes and food trends to incorporate.

In 2021, the company was honored with the “best place to work award,” a testament to the supportive and positive work environment cultivated within the organization. Additionally, Cocottes earned a bronze medal for quality and excellence, displaying dedication to maintaining high standards. This award recognizes the meticulous attention to detail and rigorous quality control measures that Cocottes implements across all aspects of its operations. 

Looking ahead: sustainability and growth

As Cocottes looks to the future, sustainability remains a key focus. “We have formed a green team to analyze and reduce our CO2 emissions. We are committed to creating an eco-responsible and sustainable environment,” said Bollaro. Moreover, Cocottes continues to embrace diversity and inclusion, with a workforce representing 24 different nationalities.

As they celebrate a decade of success, they unfold their plan to continue to grow and expand, with the customer at the forefront of every move. “The future holds exciting expansion plans, with new shops set to open in September 2024 and the summer of 2025, bringing the total to 18 locations,” said Bollaro.

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