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Confessions Of An Entrepreneur: The Why

With all the superhero movies coming in several parts, I thought I would do the same thing. After all, I am my own superhero, right? So here is “The Why” Part II… My previous post explained why I decided to launch my own business, but not why I chose the specific business—mobile apps. More specifically, consulting, UX/UI, development & lifecycle management. Let me explain.

First off let’s clear something: I am not a technical guy at all—I don’t code. Sure, I can build some pretty neat spreadsheets (without the macros), and I am vaguely familiar with the concept. But that’s it. What I love, however, is to conceive something from scratch to “live” from every perspective possible from business and UX to UI and marketing. I can even delve into the technical side based on logic and my experience. I am not saying I am an expert on all these things, but I am pretty good at laying the groundwork and setting a direction for experts to take on from there.

However, you can’t launch a new company with a new product every couple of months (I don’t have the resources/skills to do that yet anyway). Also, you need to work in the corporate world to be able to do so, and I left my previous position because the corporate world is not my thing. But why mobile apps? Well, they give you the chance to conceive something new for every project. In fact, even though the apps have been around for about 10 years now, most people and organizations don’t know how to leverage mobile for their needs. They may need apps to improve processes or sales or might have a great new product idea but don’t know how to realize it. That’s where I come in.

My briefs go from “We need an innovative app for our bank” (pretty vague huh?) to “we need an app that will do this and that.” To be honest, anything more specific is not very appealing to me since it would just include the annoying part of this job: project management. PM is mostly babysitting the client and the development team: you police the dev team so that they respect deadlines and scope within projected budgets and police the customer to avoid scope creep.

The interesting part is product management, where you think with the client to shape the product. Thinking over every single flow and interaction of the end user to create the best UX possible has something exhilarating to it. My years in marketing departments and my natural curiosity also make me a great devil’s advocate from a business perspective, which is a huge advantage for customers because it enables me to ask the right questions to prioritize their features.

So that’s basically it: I am in this specific business line because it enables me to be a part of something new all the time and to build things that improve peoples’ lives with technology. To give a more holistic view: I hope this job will enable me to do something I love to do (building new things), while making money and being able to do what I think is “right,” both professionally and socially. I think I will have some posts in the future about difficulties regarding that last affirmation but the hell with it, I will do my best, and without difficulties you can’t enjoy anything, right?

(Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash)

Confessions of an entrepreneur is a series of articles that reflect the observations, feelings and thoughts of an entrepreneur in his late thirties trying to launch his business. We felt that what he says could find an echo among our readers. You can follow Roy on Twitter @RoysConfessions

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