PASSBOLT - Open source password manager for teams Passbolt is very used for remote work. Code: COVID-19-ALLREMOTE. Discount: 50% off. Validity: Valid on all products, On-premise and Cloud, for the duration of the crisis (so indefinite for the moment). More info on:
EURODNS - EuroDNS has decided to offer companies a free subscription to Microsoft Teams for 6 months. This initiative is valid for all companies and it is not linked to any purchase obligation. More info on:
EUROSENDER - Despite the Coronavirus outbreak, both Eurosender and our logistics partners maintain the operations. The logistics companies in our network can provide transportation services in all regions, including pick-ups and deliveries in areas affected by the spread of the virus. Therefore, we would like to reassure you that you can confidently book transportation services as the goods can be delivered without significant disruptions. There are some regulations that we have implemented to ensure the safety of customers and couriers drivers as well. More info on: