Coworking Space Paladium Turns Into A Flower Market For One Day

Living upto its name, the co-working space Paladium – The Secret Garden, located in Bertrange, is organizing a big sale of plants at great prices on March 6. This is the perfect opportunity to rediscover this hybrid space which is never out of ideas.

At the Paladium quartier gare, as at the one in Bertrange (called the Secret Garden), they like to mix things up. A co-working space that looks like a hyper-connected jungle-brocante, you can come here to spend a few hours, a day, a week, or a month to work away from home, break with isolation, and to satisfy our very human need to talk to non-pixelized faces.

Here there are people who are passing through and there are regulars, and they all come together. The place has been imagined as a speakeasy, a hybrid between a workspace and a tea room, which is full of surprises waiting to be discovered. A bit like the food halls found in some European cities, it is user-friendly and yet respectful and accomodating of everyone’s habits.

“It allows to sell the goods (flowers) in a very short time and to make such unique places known to the public.”

This is why the managers of the place, given the obstacles Covid-19 has created for socialising and networking, decided to offer a new type of event: a large plant sale. The sale will take place on March 6 in Paladium’s former office building. In the morning, sales will take place by prior reservation and in the afternoon anyone is free to walk-in for no charge. A maximum number of 40 people at a time will be allowed, and of course, everyone will have to keep their masks on, even if you want to smell the sweet scent of eucalyptus! Snacks and drinks to takeaway will be available. A Facebook event has been created on the page of the Secret Garden.

The concept is proposed by Plantes Addict, a French company that buys indoor plants – nearly a hundred varieties – of all sizes and costs from northern Europe at wholesale prices. It organizes ephemeral sales in atypical places. The principle is beneficial to everyone: it allows to sell the goods in a very short time and to make such unique places known to the public. The same type of event has also existed in Metz for the past three years, with sales being regularly organized by another collective at the St Pierre aux Nonnains chapel (whose foundations date back to the 1st century CE).

“Further the Secret Garden is entirely furnished with recycled items.”

Office, Café, and Store: The Perfect Combo!

The Secret Garden has welcomed new guests since the beginning of the year, further, Gastronomica Luxembourg has taken up residence there and offers delicious salads, hot dishes, cheese plates, and Italian charcuterie to everyone occupying the space. At noon, when everyone closes their laptop, the delectable aroma of the food fills the air, laughter can be heard across the room, and small tables see collegues and friends gather for a delicious meal that is also healthy.

Also don’t hesitate to discover their Brocanterie: Du Bout du Couloir, a pop-up store where you can find antique objects and furniture, find teas at Au Fond du Jardin, and scented candles at Les Lumières du Temps, all of which showcase the work of local artisans. Further the Secret Garden is entirely furnished with recycled items. Check out this unique place on March 6.

More info:

Saturday, March 6, 2021, from 9 am to 12 pm by appointment (registration here) and from 12 pm to 5:30 pm free admission.

Paladium – Le Jardin Secret: 10A rue des Mérovingiens, L-8070 Bertrange +352 27 77 02 84

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