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‎Crowdfunding: wecemat the automated toilet flush adapter

wecemat is a unique automated toilet flush adapter, limiting excessive water consumption and providing a hygienic bathroom experience. The startup recently launched a €40,000 crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The collected funds will help the team finance the development of a marketable appliance and to launch the production.

What is the purpose of your product?

It’s an auxiliary device for the toilet. Actually it is a unique automated toilet flush adapter improving the hygiene – as the flush doesn’t need to be manually activated. It’s practical – flush is ensured -, and ecological – the automatic device only uses a fraction of the available water in the tank. The use will be similar to the urinals: you come and sit, make your business and leave. “Say goodbye to unflushed, unhygienic toilets, wecemat takes care of it.”

How did you come up with the idea?

First I wondered why urinals are usually equipped with an automatic rinsing system whilst toilets aren’t. Then I noticed that it’s possible to reduce a complete rinsing process to 3-4 liters of water instead of up to 9. By combining both ideas I came up with the idea that with an automated device it may be possible to respond to both questions…

What do you expect from the crowdfunding campaign?

Visibility on a fully new, worldwide not yet existing automatic flushing adapter. Getting first feedback from potential customers and the market. And why not trying to collect some funds…

What is your business model?

Becoming the epitome of a provider for hygienic, practical and ecological solutions for the bathroom. Assembly and commercialisation of wecemat automatic flushing adapters.

Who are targeting as customers/clients?

Actually every user of a toilet. I reckon in particular however that the target market lays in public places, hotels, corporations, hospitals, airports, railway stations… I assume the list may be completed by those thinking that this may be a fancy solution for hygienic WC, guaranteed emptied toilet bowls, and conscious that water consumption is too high with regards to toilets…

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