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CybelAngel, DatIndexing The UnIndexing

CybelAngel is a cyber security startup. Its expertise? Detect real-time data leaks and threats on the Dark Web and connected objects using a Big Data approach. The startup indexes, on a daily basis, more than one billion documents that have leaked on the Internet each day and already counts clients operating in various sectors in Europe, including more than fifteen CAC 40 clients in France. After winning one of the most prestigious startup events in Europe – the Slush contest – last December in Helsinki, CybelAngel intends to spread its wings internationally, especially focusing on the United States, while at the same time strengthening its teams based in Paris and Luxembourg. We met Evelyne Raby, the young COO of the startup who’s full of enthusiasm to find out more.
(Featured Image: Evelyne Raby, COO of CybelAngel pitching at Slush in Helsinki in December 2016 / Image Credit: Sami Heiskanen)
At the Heart of the Dark Web

Founded in 2013, CybelAngel specializes in exploring the non-indexed parts of the Internet in order to detect the sensitive information that circulates there, and in particular the confidential data of companies. To do this, the startup scans all IP addresses from unprotected servers. “Today, more than one billion documents are on open servers that are accessible to anyone. Companies, even though they are well protected, share a lot of information with third parties who may not be as well protected and make the data accessible, without even realizing it sometimes,” says Raby. “The only way to react is to detect these flaws as quickly as possible.”

CybelAngel has a technology that retrieves information accessible on the Internet and then automatically filters it through a layer of machine learning.
Detecting Fire

The startup offers a subscription to an alert solution that notifies clients in the event of serious data leaks requiring urgent action. It has a technology that retrieves information accessible on the Internet and then automatically filters it through a layer of machine learning. A team of analysts then sends reports in the event of threats. “Our role is to detect the fire. Customers then put it out. Our partners also offer additional services to help them,” continues Raby. The Internet has evolved and is still evolving very quickly. There is a long latency period between activities performed on it and individuals and companies reacting to those activities. Connected objects are a glaring example of exploding data sharing. “People are not always aware of all the information they can unconsciously share, for example, by bringing a hard drive home. The vulnerability of this type of object is great, as are applications such as Dropbox, Prezi or GitHub whose security settings are not always perfectly configured by users.”

International Ambitions

With a team of 30 employees spread across its offices in Paris and Luxembourg, the startup plans to recruit new employees – both developers and salespeople – in order to dream bigger and conquer a more mature American market. “The ecosystem of potential partners – consulting firms, IT integrators, etc. – is much broader and can enable us to accelerate our growth by multiplying the use of our data. We can now provide an indicator on customer exposure and ask the partners to carry out the analysis,” says Raby. CybelAngel can also rely on the international recognition and visibility it obtained following its first place win at the Slush event last December. On the financing side, after having raised one million euro from a business angel in 2015, the startup should announce in the coming months a new round. “A lot of attention is being paid to our project right now and we are delighted. It is up to us to evangelize individuals and companies on this sensitive subject,” concludes Raby. There is no doubt that the angels of cybersecurity have a bright future ahead of them.

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