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Torsten Bernasco Lisboa is leading CYCLE, a think tank facilitating the development of future-oriented technologies through a large network of partners. Supported by InnoHub Luxembourg, he is sharing with us his vision of innovation and how he expects to conquer space.
(Featured Image: Torsten Bernasco Lisboa, CYCLE, at InnoHub Luxembourg’s 1st anniversary ceremony / Image Credit: Pierre Levy)
What does your company do?

CYCLE is an incorporation of numerous innovative companies that together build an efficient and unique network, which allows for the development of future-oriented technologies that will have the capabilities to determine, in their fields, the future prospects of the coming years and decades. Cycle sees itself primarily as a think tank with the aspiration to open up the possibilities for highly qualified experts in various areas to realize their developments in order to market them very quickly. Cycle is also active in the area of software development and is looking to orchestrate opportunities by managing the optimal interplay between hard- and software.

Initially your company started in Germany, why did you decide to come to Luxembourg?

To be honest, money and bureaucracy. Germany – Made in Germany – has a multitude of highly qualified developers, innovative engineers and a perfect infrastructure at its disposal. However, it does not facilitate innovation and is extremely regulated. As somebody once said: Apple is one of the most valuable companies in the world and was founded in a garage. This wouldn’t be possible in Germany, as the operation of businesses in garages is sanctioned by law. In Luxembourg, we have experienced an ideal environment of engaged, informed companies and institutions that are willing to do something innovative. Bureaucracy is adequate, the system is open for unconventional solutions, a good functioning ecosystem is in place, and powerful partners which have the economic power to do something concrete are accessible. It’s an ideal environment for fast achievement of high goals. Not to forget, companies such as InnoHub, which support institutions in approaching and accessing relevant networks. The network approach is fundamental for a young, innovative technology company such as CYCLE. People in Luxembourg simply understand what is going on and where priorities have to be set. For a startup, time is one of the most crucial success factors.

As you have already collaborated with the soft landing platform and accelerator InnoHub Luxembourg, could you share your experience?

From the beginning, InnoHub has done an outstanding job in generating contacts, helping us to access the ecosystems in various areas, such as tax consulting, debt and equity capital financing, subsidies, as well as also to get relevant institutional partners which will enable the development of our innovative solutions.

It has been a very pleasant collaboration, helping us solve challenges and push all the high potential opportunities forward. The key of InnoHub’s success is their professionalism and the people behind the name – they make the real difference.

What is your advice for other entrepreneurs who intend to accelerate their businesses?

InnoHub! Through this platform, young companies with innovative products have very high chances of efficiently advancing their businesses and of starting out with the right strategies required to successfully launch their products into markets. With InnoHub’s expertise, network and strategic approach, they are able to detect and even create opportunities, as well as have the tools needed by startups – financing solutions, partners or clients – at the ready.

Is there anything else that you’d like to share with Luxembourg?

CYCLE is going to space! CYCLE has already gathered all the components that are needed to build an innovative robot equipped with super advanced technologies that will allow for effective mining in space. The innovative technologies that the robot holds will be the key success drivers, as they can be monetized very quickly. Stay tuned!

Editor’s note: This is sponsored news, which means it has been written by one of our partners, which in this case is InnoHub Luxembourg. If you would like to learn more about advertorial posts on Silicon Luxembourg, contact us to learn more about our partnership opportunities.
(InnoHub Luxembourg’s 1st Anniversary on June 14, 2017 / Image Credit: Pierre Levy)

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